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Aromatherapy Massage in Glasgow

We've all had bad days...

You know the ones where NOTHING seems to go to right?

The first mishap, you let out a little sigh and say "ah well, these things happen".

But every time another thing goes awry...

Well, let's just say that there's only so much sighing you can do before you start questioning yourself.

You start holding onto the bad thoughts, letting them mess you around, letting them control you.

And, they start manifesting...

You can't think straight. Your decision making becomes impaired. And smiling? Well, it ain't easy.

Usually though, you can sleep off those bad vibes and wake up fresh.

But, it's when one bad day rolls into the next that you start to get uneasy.

It's like the world is conspiring against you.

Instead of being the unstoppable force you are, you get flung around by the smallest gust.

Who hasn't cried over spilt milk, right? Who hasn't made a mountain out of a molehill? We all have!

When you're in the heat of anxiety, panicking about every little thing, wondering how the heck you're going to get through...

Well, that is where aromatherapy massage can help you calm down, relax and reset.

What is an aromatherapy massage?

Aromatherapy massage is essentially the same as the popular Swedish massage technique with one key change; the addition use of essential oils.

Now, you might be wondering: "what's the big deal about adding a bit of smelliness to a massage treatment?"

There's more to it than you think.

Most people rarely appreciate the impact smell and its ability to trigger memories.

There's a reason why estate agents say that freshly baked bread helps sell a house.

It breeds inside prospective buyers a sense of nostalgia, an idea in them that this space could be their home.

And, in the same way...

When you breathe in the aromatic oils during your massage treatment...

Well, they each trigger certain memories and feelings too.

Take lavender for instance.

When you take a whiff of the earthy, floral stuff it helps induce a sense of calmness.

It brings you back to a time when you feel completely relaxed, like nothing in the world can bother you.

Or let's talk about sandalwood, another relaxing oil that helps take you to a place of peace, helping you to finally get that night of sleep you've been waiting for.

Now, some people reading this might be wondering:

"I don't just want to relax, I need to feel motivated too".

Well, the benefits of essential oils aren't just limited to relaxation.

Some oils such as peppermint and sweet orange have been proven to lift you out of fatigue, bringing your mind to a motivated and determined place.

However you want to feel, aromatics can help you get there.

All you need to do is tell us: "I want to feel THIS WAY" and our experienced therapists will mix a blend of oils that will get you there during the course of your massage treatment.

Oh and by the way, the benefits of essential oils aren't limited to their smells.

When mixed with a base oil (the standard massage oil used during treatments), the essential oils permeate your skin, through the dermis, into the capillaries, and into the bloodstream.

And again, each of the different oils have different properties that can help you feel even better about yourself.

For instance, peppermint oil is extremely effective in tackling headaches.

Important note:

Some people are allergic to certain type of essential oil. If you're aware of previous reactions to oils in the past then you should alert us prior to your treatment to avoid any adverse reactions.

why choose Deserved Massage?

Experienced Aromatherpists

It's one thing being able to mix together a couple of oils and another altogether being able to make intelligent judgements as to which ones are most suitable for you. Our aromatherapists have years of experience using these oils with literally 1000s of clients who quickly become aware of the benefits of using essential oils post-massage.

Relaxing Environment

There tends to be two types of massage therapy space. First, there's the super relaxing spa environment where it's all petals and no lights meaning the therapist can't see what they're doing. Then, there's the second which just out and out looks like a doctor's clinic which means you can't relax. We have done our utmost to make sure our space for aromatherapy massage in Glasgow blends the best parts of these together, giving you a relaxing space where our therapist can also see what they're doing whilst applying your treatment!

Consultation Time Included

Nobody likes being taken advantage of. Unfortunately though, many massage therapists cut corners by taking consultation time off the massage treatment. So, instead of getting the hour massage you paid for, you might only get 45 minutes. We think this is wrong and make sure that as long as you arrive on time, you get the full amount of massage time you paid for.

Conveniently Located

Lastly, our studio is located in Finniestion which is slap bang in the middle of the West End and City Centre of Glasgow which makes it easy for you to get to.

our reviews

"Absolutely loved my aromatherapy and Indian head massage with Tara! It is great that each treatment starts with a consultation which allows for a highly tailored approach to my individual needs. The treatment itself was one of the most relaxing massages I have ever had. I'd highly recommend it and I'm already booked for the next one!"

- Michaela, Aromatherapy Client

"find it (and the video on the site helps!) the room is lovely and I felt a lot calmer than I expected to. My therapist (Tara) could definitely tell I was a bit anxious and she was very thoughtful when it came to personalising the treatment according to my needs, even as someone who had no idea what I wanted! Definitely recommend :)"

- Sara, Aromatherapy Client

"Really pleased with the massage I received a couple of weeks ago from Tara. She was really professional and she knew exactly what kind of treatment I needed. Cozy place and relaxing atmosphere, will definitely come back!"

- Roxana, Aromatherapy Client

"Best massage I've ever had! Tailored to your needs and Tara made me feel comfortable throughout (checking pressure was ok and making adjustments). Room has a lovely relaxed atmosphere, looking forward to booking in again"

- Nicola, Aromatherapy Client

"My massage was so relaxing and I was put right at ease. Can't wait to go back"

- Victoria, Aromatherapy Client

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