Why A Thorough Consultation Is Vital For A Successful Massage Treatment

Every day, thousands of people around the world book themselves in for massage treatments hoping to get rid of pain, boost their mood and feel more energetic.

Unfortunately, only a select few of these people get their problems solved which is pretty saddening to hear.

After looking deeper into what could be causing this, it seemed people were most aware of these three potential culprits:

  1. An inexperienced therapist
  2. An uncomfortable room
  3. A lack of understanding

Although #1 and #2 will obviously contribute to a less than great massage experience, most people are surprised to hear that it’s actually a lack of understanding that causes the most trouble.

You see, most practicing massage therapists have carried out hundreds of hours of treatments already during their training so it’s actually quite rare to find someone who has no idea of what they’re doing.

Secondly, there tends to be a lot of love and care put into the presentation of treatment rooms so this is rarely an issue either.

On the other hand, the consultation part of massage therapy is commonly forgotten about; most therapists don’t see it as part of their job and prefer to get on with the treatment as quickly as they can.

They forget to stop and find out the source of their client’s problems which leads to them carrying out generic treatments with little benefit.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at the importance of a thorough consultation prior to practicing any massage treatment.

The 3 Main Benefits

Builds Trust

Before you let anyone touch you, or even come into your space, it’s vital that you trust them; that you feel in safe hands.

Otherwise, your muscles are going to tense up and resist the treatment; your therapist is going to need to apply more pressure to the tight areas which can, in turn, result in even more resistance.

Simply by taking a few minutes to talk to your therapist, it will make you feel more relaxed and accepting of the treatment allowing you to reap greater rewards.

Identifies Problems

Imagine you walked into a doctor’s office and they had to guess what was wrong with you…

All sorts of things could go wrong from prescribing dangerous medication to giving you terrible advice about how to live your life.

Massage therapy isn’t too different.

In order for your therapist to target the areas of tension that are causing you pain, they need you to express them, otherwise it’s just a guessing game.

Likewise, if you’re feeling stressed out and full of emotion, unless you articulate that to your therapist, then relaxation won’t be the priority of the treatment.

Avoids Injuries

Thousands of people are injured every year during massages because of excess pressure on sensitive areas and allergic reactions to oils.

These injuries could easily be avoided by carrying out a consultation prior to the treatment allowing the therapist to avert potential risks.

Why Consultations Are Often Skipped

The consultation element of massage therapy is key to getting it right, yet many therapists still don’t do it.

Here are the main reasons why:


It’s easy to just skip the consultation; you just say “hop on the table” then carry out a ‘standard’ massage until the time runs out then the client leaves and you repeat the same process again.

By putting a little of extra effort in and carrying out a full consultation, not only is the treatment more effective, it’s more enjoyable to carry out too!

Lack Of Time

This practice tends to be more prevalent in places where massage therapy isn’t their sole focus: health spas, hair salons, beauticians are particularly guilty.

The price of treatments at these locations tends to be lower and as a result, they squeeze as many clients as possible into their working day.

Even though the therapists may be willing to carry out a thorough consultation, they simply don’t have the time.

Not Enough Space

Lastly, if the treatment room is particularly small, it can be difficult for therapists to have a proper chat with their clients.

As a result, it’s more convenient on both parties to just get them on the massage table and carry out a semi-informed treatment there instead.

Our Advice

Before you book a massage treatment with anyone, make sure to check their reviews to see what their past clients have said about them.

If you notice that clients mentioning things like “thorough consultation”, “my therapist really understood me” or “targeted the exact spot”, then you’ll be onto a winner.

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