How To Give A Relaxing Foot Massage

If you’re in a giving mood, one of the best ways to show your appreciation of them is with a foot massage.

It’s simple, it’s free and it’s actually good for them (unlike chocolate or booze!).

And, as a bonus they’ll fall asleep easier!

Here’s The Steps:

1. The Warm-up

Start off by covering your hands with lotion (the more the merrier).

This will reduce the friction on their feet and help to soothe them.

Choose a foot and gently rub up and down with your hands until it’s been completely covered.

Continue until you feel that you’re ready to apply more pressure.

End the warm-up by gently squeezing the upper middle part of the foot with your index finger and thumb for around 10 seconds. Pause and repeat 3 times.

You’ll now be ready to apply a bit more pressure.

2. The Caterpillar

Start at the bottom of the foot and walk your thumb up towards the top of each toe.

If it helps, imagine that your thumb is creeping up your foot like a caterpillar.

When you reach the tip of each toe, make sure to pay plenty of attention to the front, back and sides to ensure all pressure points.

3. Warm-Down

Your almost finished. Just like any exercise, it’s best to warm down.

Give their feet a light massage from top to bottom.

Ease off a little so that they know it’s coming to an end.

4. Breeze-Strokes

Finish the foot massage by lightly running your fingers up and down the feet repeatedly until they are barely touching the skin.