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relieve tension with a massage

Whether you’re new to Massage Glasgow or are a looking for something a bit deeper, our therapists can help you relieve any tension that you’re holding onto so that you get back to your healthiest and happiest self

Why choose our Massage Glasgow Service for your next treatment?

We’ve created an experience unlike any other that will leave you feeling relaxed, limber and ready to take on the world!

  • Safe hands that know the level of pressure you need
  • Dimmed lighting to soothe your eyes
  • A warm, cosy massage table to relax in
  • Authentic Indian oils made from organic sources
  • A convenient location, but far from distraction

“I think I just found a perfect massage in Glasgow!”

– Natalie

More than just a typical massage in Glasgow

We believe that massage therapy is all about being cared and looked after by an experienced professional that leaves your body feeling wonderful.

Where many massage therapists go wrong is that they treat every client the same. We’ve made sure that you have plenty of time to talk about your treatment needs; whether you just need to unwind or if you would rather get rid of some nasty knots.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Relieve Aching Muscles

Just because your body is feeling a little run down doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be loved

Clear Your Mind From Stress

When you’re mind is calm and present, you’ll be able to make much better decisions

Re-Energise Your Body

Our specialist techniques will help detox your body and get you back to your best self

“I have been welcome. It’s so good to allow to yourself to be well treated.

The massage unstuck the energy of my body.”

– Christelle

Massage Oils From Experts in India To Complement Your Massage Type

We have worked closely with specialists in Southern India who have an intricate knowledge of how essential oils can affect your body. Together, we’ve blended a range of massage oils that are unlike anything else you’ll find in Glasgow; not only will they give you a pleasant smell, they’ll also be absorbed into the your body for extra tension relief.

Massage Oils Availabile in Glasgow With Your Treatment

Unwind Your Mind

Just because your body is feeling a little run down doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be loved

Muscle Aid

When you’re mind is calm and present, you’ll be able to make much better decisions

The Joint Reliever

Our specialist techniques will help detox your body and get you back to your best self

“Wow, the Indian oils really helped me relax”

– Lauren

The Deserved Massage Glasgow Process

1. Consultation

We believe that you deserve more than just any old massage treatment. Instead, by paying closer attention to your needs: whether you have any medical conditions, your stress levels, your areas of tension, what you’re going through right now and how you would like to feel, we can provide you with a massage treatment that is unlike any other! Before your massage treatment, we’ll ask you to complete a short questionnaire that our massage therapists will go over with you before the treatment begins so that they can tailor each massage for your needs

2. Treatment Selection

After going through our massage treatment consultation, it’ll become clearer what type of massage will be the right fit for you. We offer a range of different massage Glasgow treatments: aromatherapy massage if you need to relax, Swedish massage if you need to soothe your body and release tension, deep tissue massage if you have frustrating knots that need released, sports massage if you would like your body to recover quicker post-exercise and a pregnancy massage option to help make the pre-natal process easier for you

3. Oil Recommendation

To get the most out of your treatment, we have linked up with ayurvedic doctors in South India who have blended our oils especially. We’ve got 4 different types of oil that our therapists may recommend to you: relaxing oil to help take stress away, joint relief oil to help you relieve discomfort, muscle relief oil for sports recovery and skin care oil to give you a healthy glow.

4. The Massage Table

Once your massage Glasgow therapist has given your recommended treatment and oil, they will ask you when you are ready to make yourself comfortable on the massage table. They will give you a couple of minutes to adjust yourself before coming back into the room.

5. Temperature Check

By far, one of the most forgotten about things relating to massage is feeling that you’ve got a comfortable level of heat around you. There is nothing worse than lying down to feel relaxed and relieved with a massage, but feeling cold. We’ve made sure our massage room is super cosy with warm radiators and a heated massage bed that can be turned up and down depending on how hot you want to feel.

6. Massage Application

At this point, your therapist will be ready to provide you with your massage treatment. Depending on how long you’ve asked for, your therapist will go through a range of techniques in order to achieve the goal you set out in the initial consultation.

7. Concluding the Treatment & Re-dressing

As the massage is approaching completion, your therapist will apply what are called ‘finishing moves’ which are used to allow your body to feel like the treatment is coming to a conclusion and is ready to re-awake. Your therapist will then let you know that they will step out of the remove for a moment to allow you to re-dress ahead of your aftercare.

8. Aftercare & Recommendations

Vital to every treatment is that you and your therapist have a discussion after the massage that allows you to get a much better understanding of the areas of tension that were in your body and also what has been applied to you so that you know exactly what to do afterwards. If you need additional treatments, this is the point at which your therapist will recommend them to you.

“I think I just found a perfect massage in Glasgow!”

– Natalie

Our Glasgow Massage Therapists


I have over 15 years of beauty/spa experience; working within various salons and with varied companies has given me great knowledge.

Providing services to stroke patients, clients with muscular ailments, sports athletes(boxers) and even my own daughter to aid with colic.
Massage makes a significant difference to people’s lives! I am extremely passionate about offering the best service, tailoring treatments to clients unique needs.

Really competent effective massage by someone who knows what they’re doing. Safe hands.

Elaine C.

Just back from a lovely experience at Deserved Massage with Tara. I had a half hour Swedish massage and Tara left me feeling very relaxed, she took into account that I was going back to work later so used oils that would not make me sleepy or too stimulated. Thank you.

Jeanne-Marie C.


I love working with and meeting new people and find working as a therapist incredibly rewarding! I enjoy providing a variety of treatments including Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Swedish Massage and Facial Treatments; I also have a lot of experience working clients with cancer and other life limiting illnesses.

I had a placement at a hospice while studying, and I met some fabulous people. So brave and inspiring. It made me appreciate how lucky I am to be wholly healthy.

I feel it’s vital to put something back – if you can.

Would like to thank Deserved Massage for my experience today. It was my first ever massage and didn’t know what to expect. Janice put me at my ease and carried out her magic, I left relaxed and able to bend as I had an issue with my lower back. Thank you.

Lesley H.

I think I just found a perfect masseuse in Glasgow – Janice is just great.

Natalie M.

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Deserved Massage Glasgow

Deserved Massage Glasgow

Deserved Massage Glasgow

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0141 374 2506

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Deserved Massage Glasgow

Deserved Massage Glasgow