New To Deserved Massage? Here’s What To Expect

Our mission is to help people to regain their energy so they can make a bigger impact on the world.

In order to do that, we’ve made sure every step of our client journey counts.

We’ve outlined it for you below, but if you’re ready to jump right in and book a treatment, then just click here.

Convenient Location

Now, before we even begin to talk about massage therapy, one of the first considerations that everyone has is: “how easy is it to get to my massage?”

Let’s be honest, the last thing you want to do is traipse miles and miles, getting all sweaty and stressed-out before a massage treatment - it’s completely counter-productive!

We realised that and decided it would best for everyone if our location was easy to get to.

That means:

  • No sweating!
  • No stressing out!
  • No worrying!

For more details of our location, just click here.

Easy Booking

Next thing on the list is booking an appointment.

Have you ever called up somewhere to ask what time would be available for a treatment then had a 10-minute back and forth going between your diary and their’s?

Now we’re living in the digital age, that problem is a thing of the past.

We’ve been kitted out with a fancy booking system that allows you to book yourself in for a treatment - no stressing out!

And, in 2018 - we were recognised by treatwell with a multiple awards for our ability to efficiently book clients into our diary.

Thorough Consultation

By far, the most important aspect of massage therapy is understanding the needs of your clients - otherwise it just becomes a generic treatment with limited benefits.

Before every massage session, our therapists sit down with you and take the time to listen to your needs. This allows them to tailor your treatment and get maximum results.

We go into more depth on the importance of massage consultations here if you’re interested.

Experienced Therapists

Have you ever had a massage from someone who is new to the industry?

Although they may have been through training at college and have a solid anatomical knowledge, there’s still something not quite right about the treatment.

To put a word on it, it’s confidence.

When a therapist is confident in their ability to perform, it puts your mind and body at ease, allowing them to carry out the treatment properly.

We make sure that all of our massage therapists are highly qualified, have years of experience and are confident in their ability.

Additionally, we make sure they practice what they preach by getting regular massage treatments to keep them in top form.

Tailored Treatments

In order for you to leave the treatment feeling boosted, it’s important that the problems you indicate during your consultation are addressed.

It’s one thing to understand that these concerns exist, however, it’s something else completely to be able to tailor the treatment to get results.

Spacious Massage Room

There’s typically two types of massage room available:

  1. The spa room
  2. The clinical room

In the spa room, it is very carefully presented, full of soft colours and ‘plinky plonky’ music. And, there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re just trying to relax and lie down.

However, the drawback of this type of room is that the atmoshere is often so relaxed that it discourages you to communicate how your treatment is going - you need to be able to express how comfortable you are with the pressure level you’re receiving, the heat in the room among other things.

On the other hand, clinical rooms are more like doctor’s surgeries; they’re great for discussing your problems and highlighting problematic areas, but they’re not so good for relaxing in.

And, if you’re feeling tense, it will dimish the effectiveness of the treatment.

We’ve taken the best of both of these treatment rooms and created a relaxing, spacious studio where you can easily communicate your needs with your therapist so you can get the best results.

Aftercare & Advice

Once the treatment is complete, it would be easy to just fling you out the door and get ready for the next client.

However, it’s extremely important that you understand the dos and don’t dos following your session to prevent potential injury.

When you’re ready, your therapist will take some time to explain what they did during the treatment, how you’ll feel over the next few days and they’ll make recommendations for what you should do next to maintain benefits of your massage.

Booking A Treatment With Us

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