Glasgow Personal Trainer Recommends Massage Therapy

Exercise consistency and nutritional adherence is what the majority of personal trainers will only talk to you about, as long as you follow these, you will reach your goals.

However, I find this can be somewhat of a short-term mind set. If exercise, health and fitness are going to become a larger part of your life, and you’re looking to keep all that hard earned muscle as well as keep that stubborn fat off, then you need to look into all elements of your health.

One of the least understood by the general public and the everyday gym goer, is recovery.

While you are working out hard in the gym, getting a sweat on and shifting all the weights, the miss conception is that you are building muscle.

What’s actually happening, is that you are creating small tears in your muscles, small that tears that through correct nutrition, rest and recovery, will grow into stronger larger muscles.

Short term minded personal trainers, won’t overly focus on your recovery, but rather pushing you hard for 6 weeks, to make sure you lose some fat.

The problem, after this 6 week period, your body is exhaust and craving rest and recovery, it’s at this point your progression slows down and usually when most people get frustrated and go back on their goals, putting all that weight back on.

I am now going to tell you what most trainers probably haven’t, rest and recovery is as important as your exercise routine and your nutrition.

Your body needs the time to repair and get stronger, especially if you want to keep moving forward.

Programming rest days, having relaxing baths and ensuring sufficient sleep each night are some of the main ways to get this needed recovery time.

One of my favourites and one I always recommend to my clients is getting a massage.

Having your muscles manipulated and releasing all that tension in them by trained professional can increase recovery time, as well serve as well earned treat once or twice a month.

Massages have been proven to help athletes as well as everyday gym goers, maintain a healthy body and let’s face it, mind, who doesn’t like a good massage after all?

If you find yourself stalling or if you really are in it for the long term, then make sure you are programming these in for well-deserved recovery.

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