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The 3 MASSIVE Reasons Why People Fail At The Gym:

It’s incredible how many people have gym memberships in Glasgow, yet so few are happy with their bodies.

What’s that all about?

There’s a gym on just about every corner; all stocked with weapons of mass expansion, yet so few people walk with pride.

What is that all about???

After doing a bit of research at my local - doing questionnaires on the treadmill ain’t easy by the way - I’ve come up with a few reasons why people aren’t getting buff (or jacked) (or whatever people call it these days).

So, if you’re ready to find out what it’s all about, then read on, my friend.

#1 They Don’t Set A Goal

“Fail to plan, plan to fail” - everyone’s mum, ever.

How many times have you heard that ol’ cliche line?

Even writing it made me roll my eyes to the back of my head.

With that being said, if you set out to the gym with no idea of why you’re there, then you’ve got no hope of making any kind of change.

Sure, you can say “I want to be fitter”, but what does that even mean?

It’s almost as generic as saying “I want to be happier”.

Without a benchmark of where you are and where you want to be, it’s like trying to move in space with no anchor point!

Overcoming this issue is incredibly easy, but largely ignored (and there’s a reason).

Do you ever notice that most people hate to check their bank balance?

They want to bury their head away from the facts.

Then, when it comes “crunch-time” and bills have got to be paid, there’s a mad panic.

Well, knowing your fitness numbers is very similar, but even more important.

Who cares about money if you’ve feeling weak?

I’m willing to bet that some of the richest people in the world would switch with some young, but less financially well-off whipper snapper in a heartbeat if they could!

Point is, knowing where your starting off is vital to making progress in your fitness journey.

#2 They Don’t Know The Moves

In my early days as a gym-goer, I used to stand right in the middle of the gym and play a game of eenie-meenie-minnie-moe to decide which piece of equipment I would use that day.

Then, I’d wait for someone else to use it just so that I could copy the exercise they were doing.

While this crazy process did provide me with some light-entertainment at the gym, I had no idea what I was doing.

In fact, I’d often go along just to play this game for 20-minutes then be off on my merry way thinking I’d done a day’s turn.

Unfortunately, this little regime of mine did nothing to help me make progress towards better health.

Sure, what I’ve described above may be on the extreme side of gym naivety, but from what I gather, many people aren’t too dissimilar.

And, this lack of ability to decide on exercises that will help them progress towards their goals (if they’ve set them), mean that they, well, they don’t make any progress at all!

One thing you can do is to start researching online for exercises that work for you.

Whilst daunting, there is a wealth of resources on the internet available to us all.

And, if you look hard enough, you can learn the right movements to get your desired results.

#3 They Don’t Track Progress

First of all, allow me to apologise because I’m going to hit you with another overly used idiom…

“What is measured, improves”.

That’s more of a ‘dad’ saying if my memory serves me correctly and as much as it pains me to say it, it is valuable.

 As I understand it, this saying applies practically to EVERYTHING, even in non-exercise related environments.

Gym buffs reading this: yes, there is a world outside of those walls!

What I’m saying is that when you start tracking and measuring your progress towards a goal, it causes your brain place an emotional value on the figures. 

In other words, you start to care.

As you continue to build up a streak, you start to care even more because you’ve invested all this time into measurement.

Since you’re so involved in seeing these, once useless, figures go up or down, you start taking relentless action towards your goal.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why you should track things, particularly your health because that’s the most important thing of all.

How Hiring A Personal Trainer Can Speed Up Your Progress:

Surprisingly, most personal trainers don’t reflect on why their job exists.

Mental right?

Well, as I’ve come to realise it. Their job is simply to help you overcome those three big obstacles that I highlighted in the previous section:

#1 Help you understand where you’re at & define realistic goals

A personal trainer can be the knowledgeable outsider you need to get perspective on where your fitness levels are at. They can they make suggestions on realistic goals to work towards.

Rather than aspiring to be like Arnie in 7 days, you’ll make steady progress and achieve the body you’re looking for.

#2 They’ll create a tailored exercise programme and teach you how to do it properly

Instead of mindlessly wandering about the gym, your trainer will give you a set of exercises that work together to build up your muscles and move you closer towards your goals.

On top of that, they’ll teach you how to do the exercises so that you don’t hurt yourself through poor form.

#3 They’ll help you track your performance

We all love to see results from our efforts.

A great personal trainer will help you put together a simple tracking system, allowing you to see right in front of you the difference that your workouts are making, not just to your aesthetic, but also to your strength as well.

Recommended Personal Trainer in Glasgow

There are hundreds of personal trainers in Glasgow to choose from. They’ve each got their own distinct styles and methods.

Some are early on in their careers whilst others are more on the experienced side.

From my experience though, I would recommend Fred Chesne as a PT. 

Here’s why:

As I’ve shared with you already, I’ve had a tough time getting into a gym routine. However, over the past 9 months, in working with Fred, I’ve noticed a dramatic change, not only in my strength, but my confidence too.

Being happier in my skin, I’m much more comfortable interacting with people and using my body to its fullest capacity.

Fred’s Background:

Fred has over 10 years experience as a fitness professional where he’s helped all sorts of people from high-level athletes to regular Joe’s (like me).

I get the impression that a lot of personal trainers are in it to make a name for themselves (they focus on short-term results and photo-shoots) but Fred’s approach is different..

He helps you focus on achieving long-term results and making sure you stay strong for good.

On top of that, he’s full of banter to keep you on your toes whilst training - I’ve never had a boring session!

Want a free taster session with Fred?

All you need to do to claim one is click here then fill in your details and he’ll be in touch!

Wish you all the best with your training programme.

Grant, Deserved Massage

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