Pregnancy massages are becoming recognised as the go-to treatment for expectant mothers. The aim? To relieve weight-bearing areas, provide energy and leave you feeling lighter and brighter.

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We’ve helped thousands of people in Glasgow to reduce
stress and feel more relaxed.

Take care of your swollen feet

Helps the body remove proteins and waste products from the affected area and reduce the swelling.

Reduce the appearance of stretch marks

Pressing firmly on your eyebrows can help relieve the pressure in your sinus cavity, bring instant relief.

Back relief for a lighter pregnancy

Squeeze out the impurities in your body so that new hydration and nutrients can keep the lymphatic system healthy and able to do it’s job.

Therapists you can trust

Our pregnancy massage therapist, Tara, has recently had a child herself and has 18 years experience in massage therapy so you can rest assured that you are safe in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing.
Pregnancy Massage can offer a wide range of benefits and help you adjust to the dramatic changes you are experiencing as you prepare for childbirth. It involves a combination of techniques such as Swedish, Deep Tissue and Indian Head Massage, and Lymphatic Drainage.

*Please note that we cannot offer massage to women who are less than 12 weeks pregnant as this is not recommended for you or your baby*

A warm, cosy massage studio

A great pregnancy massage is a combination of relaxation and tension relief. That’s why we’ve made sure that our massage room is practical, but not too clinical.

The benefits of 
pREGNANCY massage…

With a relaxed frame of mind, you can achieve anything!

– Release tension

– get rid of anxiety

– feel happier and more alive

– Boost your energy levels

– Get an amazing sleep

Pregnancy Massage Glasgow

3 steps to feeling amazing!

book your massage

book your appointment

Get an insight into where the specific knots and nodules in your body are and how releasing them can help you
choose your treatment

Enjoy your Pregnancy massage

Get an insight into where the specific knots and nodules in your body are and how releasing them can help you
feel amazing!

feel amazing!

Get an insight into where the specific knots and nodules in your body are and how releasing them can help you

Why choose our Pregnancy massage service in Glasgow?

We tailor each massage to your needs. We tailor each massage to your needs.We tailor each massage to your needs.We tailor each massage to your needs.We tailor each massage to your needs.

therapist in glasgow

Certified & Experienced Massage Therapists

Feel safe in the knowledge that your therapist has been practising for years and that they know exactly how to help you to get back to your best


Every massage starts with a full consultation where you can highlight the areas of your body that need more attention.


Most massage therapists take shortcuts and give you less time than you’ve paid for. We don’t think that’s fair. At Deserved Massage, there are no short-cuts. You get the full amount of time needed. That’s a promise.

Pregnancy Massage Explained

Swedish massage is the most popular massage there is. It’s a classic that will give you all the relaxation you need! 5 types of strokes make up the massage, the pressure can be as light or as firm as you like and it is perfect for unknotting your whole body and make you feel as light as a feather!

With so many different types of massage how on earth do you pick the one that will give you what you need? You can’t go wrong with a Swedish. It’s the classic – the best known and most popular option on which all other forms of massage are based. In most countries it’s just called a massage – the Swedish bit is added in the Netherlands and the UK.


There are five types of stroke that make up the traditional Swedish massage technique and each has a French name. Effleurage is the main one. The therapist will use their hands, forearms or elbows to rub your muscles in long gliding movements pushing blood in the direction of your heart. An oil or lotion is used to help with movement. There’s also kneading and tapping and your limbs may be bent and stretched a little bit. If that all sounds a bit daunting and continental think of the benefits. Massage is brilliant at combating stress and relaxes the mind and body. It’s not just about getting rid of those knots or for super sporty people. Your circulation and lymph system are boosted and massage helps with chronic pain.

You can choose to have your full body or just an area done. Back, neck and shoulders is popular as these get particularly tight from being at a computer all day. The pressure can be as light or firm as you like. Don’t assume that a pint-sized masseuse will go easy on you or that a giant can’t be gentle. Ask for what you’d like. Same goes for any areas that are off-limits due to injury or just feeling uncomfortable.


Once your massage therapist has asked about your various aches and pains, they’ll leave the room so you can undress. You’ll usually be asked to strip down to your knickers and to lie down on a massage table covered up by towels and a sheet. Most massage therapists use a bed with a head hole so that you’re comfortable lying face-down. Some beds are even heated which is an added treat.


Where Swedish massage is different from some of the more specialist kinds is that it’s all about relaxation and muscle tissue. A deep tissue or sports massage involves more pressure and works on the tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding the bones, joints) as well as muscles. With a Thai massage you get stood on a bit! Whichever type of massage you go for you really will enjoy it.

Money Back

If you are not thrilled with the treatment you’ve received, we will happily give you a full refund with no questions asked.

money back guarantee
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