Everything You Need To Know Before Booking A Sports Massage

When it comes to muscle pain…

Whether you are a regular gym-goer or a professional athlete, Sports Massage is a technique that will benefit you.

Derived from traditional Swedish Massage, this technique was originally developed to assist athletes in preparation for peak physical performance and aid recovery after extreme exertion. 

By improving circulation of lymph and blood fluids, in addition to alleviating tension build up in the body’s soft tissue, it helps to ensure optimal function across all ranges of movement. 

Sports Massage is ideal across a spectrum of needs, from those who want to focus on prevention of injuries, to those who are recovering after one. 

In particular, for those of you who are prone to picking up those frustrating niggling injuries, coming up to a competition or just want to ensure that you are able to maintain a regimented exercise routine, Sports Massage is a worthwhile investment of your time. 

As shown below, Sports Massage can be used in a variety of ways:

Four types of Sports Massage

  1. Rehabilitative sports massage – After an injury, this specific technique will aid and accelerate your recovery by reducing pain and enhancing circulation, accelerating how quickly you will recover and getting back to the activities that you enjoy.
  2. Restorative sports massage – Structured as part of your usual training routine, incorporating sports massage sessions periodically can allow the body to tolerate increasing intensities of training whilst reducing the likelihood of injury occurring, helping you break plateaus and push yourself even further!
  3. Pre-event sports massage – As suggested in the name, this type of massage can be used before any competitive event, from a boxing match to a marathon.  Typically lasting between 15-45 minutes, this technique stimulates the muscles so they are primed for optimal performance on the big day!
  4. Post-event sports massage – After your big event, having a sports massage will help improve the speed of recovery by increasing blood flow, particularly to the areas of the body that have been overexerted!

Benefits of Sports Massage

There are numerous benefits to Sports Massage. 

Whether you are: 1) preparing the body for a big event; 2) wanting to maintain optimal physical functioning through an intense training period; or 3) recovering after a strenuous competition, Sports Massage will benefit you in each of these situations. 

Before a training session, Sports Massage can increase your range of motion allowing you to train more efficiently. 

After a hard training session, Sports Massage can accelerate the rate of recovery. 

Where minor injuries occur through over-training, Sports Massage can break these down quickly. 

These range of benefits, that are applicable to individuals training at all levels, is why Sports Massage is increasing in popularity for athletes from all sports and is certainly a tool you should consider using to get to the next level!