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Swedish Massage in Glasgow

Relieve stress and get focused on what matters most to you

Perfect for helping you relax and unwind.

Reduce emotional and physical stress

Dedicating time to relaxation can help you clear your mind of anxiety and doubts

Break the stress cycle

Breaking the cycle of stress caused by tension shoulders, neck and back will have you feeling like your true self again.

Improve your circulation

By encouraging the flow of oxygen around your body you’ll notice a boost in energy levels, faster healing and less nasty colds

Improve Your Body's Circulation

Finally, some time for you to relax

When you just need to take a step away from everything, a Swedish massage can really come in useful.

What to expect:

✔  Experienced massage therapists
✔  A warm, cosy treatment room
✔  Excellent post-massage advice
✔  Get the length of time you pay for

Here’s a few reviews from happy customers

We love helping people to feel better about themselves.
Very relaxing. Lovely atmosphere and very nice relaxing room. Highly recommend Adam Kashmiry

Absolutely brilliant! Very professional, helpful and friendly - cannot wait to go back for another Ilona Blonka

A blissful hour of relaxing massage - just the perfect antidote to shopping chaos! Lesley Hart

Therapists you can trust

A relaxing Swedish massage is by far the most popular treatment, mainly because its ability to relax the mind and body. Although there is a huge demand for a relaxing massage treatment, the problem that many people face is finding a great massage therapist who they can trust to help them relax. We realise that there are hundreds complimentary therapies available that claim to help you, but they are often just placebos. Swedish massage is based on the science of anatomy which means that the process our therapists follow is proven to work. Add that to the years of experience from our massage therapists and we can guarantee that you will feel like a new person after you leave.

A warm and cosy treatment room

One of the biggest issues that people face when choosing a massage studio is whether the room feels warm and comfortable. There is a difficult balance between creating somewhere that is welcoming and relaxing, but still allows the massage therapist the manoeuvrability and access to reach and apply pressure to the areas of your body that are feeling particularly stressed. We’ve spent plenty of time perfecting the massage environment so that you know for sure that you can expect to feel well looked after.

Aftercare worth listening to

Just as important as the treatment itself is receiving aftercare from a knowledgeable and experienced massage therapist. From your initial consultation and during your massage treatment, your therapist will be assessing the areas of tension in your body and taking note of what can be done to help you feel at your best. While an initial massage treatment will release many stubborn knots, the great advice given by our therapists will allow you to prolong the benefits.

Free consultation with every treatment

It’s common in the massage industry for treatments to be cut short. Time is often allocated to undressing and consultations which results in a you getting less time being massaged than you’ve paid for. We are different. At Deserved Massage, we allocate plenty of time so that you can have a full consultation with your therapist before the treatment so that they can find out exactly the information needed to help you best. No short-cuts. You deserve a full treatment.