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What is a SWedish Massage?

Swedish massage is a light massage treatment that involves using a combination of 5 movements: effleurage, petrissage, vibration, friction and tapotement to achieve relaxation and relief from minor levels of muscular tension.

It’s perfect for people who are new to massage and not sure about the levels of pressure they can receive.

The benefits of swedish massage

The ‘Swedish’ was created with a scientific understanding of your body’s anatomy in mind meaning the benefits are proven.


We massage the troublesome areas, relieving pain and increasing range of movement


We help you to let go of anxiety and focus on what matters most to you


Through the stimulation of all your senses, sleep will become much easier

Meet our therapists

We’re proud to work with some of Glasgow’s top massage therapists!

Swedish Massage Glasgow


One of Scotland’s most experienced massage therapists, Tara embodies the true spirit of massage - to help people think and feel at their best.
Stephanie Doherty

Stephanie Doherty

Stephanie’s experience in helping others to overcome stress & anxiety makes her an excellent choice for anyone who’s feeling overwhelmed


With hundreds of 5 star reviews under our belts, we’re confident that you’ll be delighted with the results of your massage treatment

“I went in and Stephanie is just lovely. I really enjoyed my massage. I should have asked Stephanie to turn the fan off though as it was a bit cold in room. Stephanie was attentive and professional and a good laugh. Enjoyed the massage and left feeling lighter and happier. Thanks!”



“Tara is absolutely fantastic! One of the best Swedish massages I’ve had (I’ve had a few!). The whole package is excellent, and she is more than happy to tailor differing techniques to the individual client - a real star!”



“My second appointment at Deserve Massage Glasgow. Great staff and another great experience. My only complaint is slight confusion finding the door in the dark and construction. Always recommend!”



“This is going to be my go-to for a massage in Glasgow now. This was my second visit and Tara is just amazing. My notes were on file from my first visit (something I’ve never seen at any other massage appointment!) so she knew exactly what my issues were and what I needed. Rather than sticking with what I’d booked, she suggested what might work better for me and even added some hot stones to help relieve my knots. I love that the time it takes for the consultation and undressing isn’t included in the massage time. I literally floated home after and have felt amazing ever since. Hoping to make this a regular monthly visit!”



“It was very relaxing and a nice environment the lady was very helpful.”



“My massage therapist was very attentive and tailored the experience to exactly what I wanted. I had a Swedish massage with additional Indian head massage and hot stones. Would recommend.” 



“Honestly one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I work in a similar industry , so Ive had my fair share of massages over the years. I have a bad whiplash injury from 7 months ago , that is causing me no end of bother, and this massage has been amazing.”


“Full explanation throughout and great after care advice. Thank you! Have booked up for another session! Totally recommend you try them out!”



“Tara was fantastic. She took the time to ask about what sports I did and what my day to day routine was like. She tailored the treatments to suit my needs. Will definitely be back!”



What movements does Swedish massage involve?


Effleurage is used at the introductory stages of your massage treatment to warm up your muscles and get you feeling all calm and relaxed.

Although there isn’t a lot of muscle manipulation going on at this point, it’s actually the most important part of your treatment.

Reason being, if you’re feeling tense and agitated when the deeper strokes take place, they won’t have as much of an effect.

The long and slow gliding strokes used during effleurage will help you ease into the treatment and are repeated several times before moving onto the next phase.


If you’ve ever seen someone kneading bread before, then you’ll easily be able to grasp the idea of pettrisage!

Squeezing together their fingers and thumbs, your therapist will work softer muscle areas to start the process of breaking down the knots and nodules.

The motion is very much circular and rhythmic which helps you to relax (even whilst the tension starts to be broken down).


On first glance, vibration isn’t something that you’d normally associate with a massage treatment.

However, when done right, these techniques are extremely effective in stimulating and relaxing the muscles.

In a motion very much similar to that of pettrisage, the fingers, thumbs and palms are used to hold onto the soft tissue areas with a light pressure where they are gently shaken back and forth.

This is great for loosening up tight areas and relaxing the whole body, whilst also energising the muscles and helping to flush out the built-up toxins being released.


Friction is often overcomplicated in massage therapy with funky words like ‘transverse movements’ that make it difficult to understand.

However, it’s actually really simple. Friction is all about the application and release of resistance.

By creating a movement in one direction and opposing it with a force in the other, it helps to strip back and release the tense areas of muscle, making you feel flexible again.

There are two types of friction movement that your therapist may use:

Circular Friction targets a more precise area of tension by using the steady, circular rotations with the fingers and thumbs.

Transverse Friction works much larger regions of body and often involves the use of palms, knuckles and even elbows to get right into those nasty knots!


I bet you’re wondering why on earth anyone would enjoy what looks like a karate chopping movement on the areas of their body that have just been massaged… Tapping movements work by performing short rhythmic bursts on fleshy parts of the body.

When you initially, receive tapotement, it can feel slightly uncomfortable, but once you relax into it and just accept that it’s happening, it starts to get really interesting! With the rhythm of the movement, your nerves start to react in a seemingly involuntary way.

It’s kind of like they’re doing their own thing. And, it’s through that acceptance of the fact that you cannot control what’s happening to you in the moment that you really let go.

Not just from muscle tension, but also of mental stress too. Which is why this movement is so powerful. It’s typically used last in the sequence as the muscles need to be well warmed up before its application.

What to expect After Your Swedish massage


Flexible & Unrestrained

By releasing the knots and nodules that are holding you back, you’ll feel in more control of your body

Calm & Focused

Without a brain clogged full of situations and scenarios, you’ll have space to think clearly and confidently
boost energy

Energetic & Empathetic

You’ll feel bountiful amounts of energy, allowing you to get more done throughout the day

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