Check Out The 4 CRAZY Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage

Massage…It’s a wonderful thing.

Not only for your body, but for your mind too.

Those of you who have experienced a good massage before will know how relaxed you feel after, and how much tension it can release in your shoulders.

But, why choose a ‘Deep Tissue‘ (DT)? Is it any better than a Swedish massage?

The answer is, it’s not!

Both types of massage will benefit you!

If you do carry a lot of tension, however, a DT massage may just be the ticket in terms of releasing knots in your back that have been there for a long time!

1) The stronger pressure used in DT massage therapy can increase the detox frequency and amount of lymphatic draining happening in your body.

This is basically the process in which all the toxins carried in your knots and aches and pains are released through excretion. The stronger the pressure on these knots, the more likely they are to release.

2) Carrying all this tension in your back is not good for posture or any weight lifting.

So if you go to the gym and pump a lot of iron, always invest in a good deep tissue massage to ensure the muscles function at their very best.

Regular massage, a great stretching routine and 8+ large glasses of water a day will help maintain a strong, healthy and toned physique.

3) The benefits of deep tissue massage on the mind are huge! Studies have shown reduction in the stress hormone (cortisol) following massage therapy. And if you are somebody who works or lives in a high-stress environment (who doesn’t these days?!), those levels will only increase unless you invest some time in yourself - through exercise, through relaxing and massage!

4) Trouble sleeping? According to the American Massage Therapy Association - “Massage helps people spend more time in deep sleep, the restorative stage in which the body barely moves, which reduces the neurotransmitter associated with pain”.

So, if any of the above apply to you, opt for a deep tissue massage at Deserved Massage and invest some time in yourself, your body and your mind.

You deserve it.