Hot Stone Massage in Glasgow

Add a little bit of heat to get even more relaxed

An extra level of relaxation.

Lymphatic Drainage Glasgow

Use heat to open up those tight knots

The heat from the stones helps your muscles relax, allowing the massage therapist to manipulate your deep tissues more effectively.

Take your mind away from stress

By stimulating the temperature levels in your body, you’ll find yourself less aware of stressful thoughts going through your mind.

Improve your circulation

As the hot stones ease into your deeper muscular layers, your blood vessels will open, resulting in improved circulation.

Improve Your Body's Circulation

Extra heat gives more relief

The added temperature from the hot stones will help to open up the tight knots in your back – allowing our massage therapists to knead much deeper without causing you pain.

✔ Extra heat ✔ Relieves pain
✔ Extra tension release ✔ Eases stiffness
✔ Helps beat stress ✔ Increases flexibility

Here’s a few reviews from happy customers

We love helping people to feel better about themselves.

A blissful hour of relaxing massage – just the perfect antidote to shopping chaos!

Lesley Hart

Had excellent massage by Tara .she is lovely and very professional. Definitely recommend.

Sonia Bakshi

Honestly one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I will definitely go back , and would absolutely recommend.

Laura Kerr

Therapists you can trust

Since a hot stone massage is a more specialised technique, it’s vital that your massage therapist has the training and experience needed to be completely comfortable in providing your treatment.

While hot stones aren’t dangerous, the knowledge that you are being looked after by a trained professional will help you relax.

A warm and comfortable treatment room

One of the biggest faux pas of massage therapy is breaking touch during the treatment to reach for the hot stones.

We have specifically designed our massage treatment room so that all tools used are easily within our therapists’ reach so that you stay comfortable.

Aftercare worth listening to

After a hot stone massage, you’ll notice a considerable amount of relief. This is mainly because your therapist will have been able to get rid of much deeper areas of tension that typical treatments so it’s vital that you listen carefully to their advice to ensure the results are prolonged.

Free consultation with every treatment

At Deserved Massage, we make sure that you get the full length of massage you pay for. That means the time spent during a consulation, undressing and aftercare are extras that we give to you free of charge.