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Deserved Massage Glasgow – West End Massage Therapists

At Deserved Massage, we strive to give you a massage experience unlike any other by taking time to get to know you and your therapeutic needs.
Experienced Massage Therapists in Glasgow

Experienced therapists who know what they’re doing

Feel safe in the knowledge that your therapist has been practicing massage for years and that they know exactly how to help you.

Tailored massages

Every massage starts with a full consultation where you can highlight the areas in your body that need the most attention.

Get the full time you’ve paid for

We believe that you deserve the full amount of time that you’ve paid for when booking a massage so you don’t need to worry about watching the clock.

Benefits of getting a massage

✔   Get a clearer mind

✔   Make better decisions

✔   Feel happier

✔   Achieve more every day

Energy Boosting Massage Treatments
We’ll help you with targeted massage techniques that release knots, relax your mind and help you focus
How massage therapy in Glasgow can help

Releases tight knots

With a expertly applied massage, the knots and nodules that are causing stiffness will be released and you’ll feel much more flexible.

Relax your mind

For some people, overthinking can lead to all sorts of problems. A massage combines many different senses, allowing you to get clarity on what matters most.

Rid yourself of toxins

A massage is a great way to reset your body by releasing harmful toxins.

Reviews Of Our Massage Service:

We’ve helped thousands of people in Glasgow to get more energy and reduce stress.

Laura Kerr

“Honestly one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I work in a similar industry , so Ive had my fair share of massages over the years.”

Laurina Dickson

“Huge thanks to Tara who took the time to work out all the knots in my shoulders. She knew what areas needed attention and honed right in on them. Best massage in ages! Thank you!”

Adam Kashmiry

“One of the best massages I have ever had! Lovely atmosphere. Very relaxing and Janis was brilliant! Worked on all the problems I have been having with my shoulders. Highly recommend!”

Finding Deserved Massage

Our massage studio is located in The Hive building in Finniestion. On the same side of the road as Tescos, just opposite Lebowskis and next to Powerhouse Fitness- walk through the car park to the newly renovated railway building ‘The Hive’ entering the door on the right side of the building.

Here’s a video showing you how to find us:

Find us on the map

Deserved Massage Glasgow

1061 Argyle Street, First Floor, The Hive, Glasgow G3 8LZ

0141 374 2506 |

Deserved Massage Glasgow

Why You Should Choose Deserved Massage For Your Next Treatment

Therapists you can trust

A relaxing massage is by far the most popular treatment, mainly because its ability to relax the mind and body. Although there is a huge demand for a relaxing massage, the problem that many people face is finding a great massage therapist who they can trust to help them relax. We realise that there are hundreds complimentary therapies available that claim to help you, but they are often just placebos. Massage is based on the science of anatomy which means that the process our therapists follow is proven to work. Add that to the years of experience from our massage therapists and we can guarantee that you will feel like a new person after you leave.

A warm and cosy treatment room

One of the biggest issues that people face when choosing a massage studio is whether the room feels warm and comfortable. There is a difficult balance between creating somewhere that is welcoming and relaxing, but still allows the massage therapist the manoeuvrability and access to reach and apply pressure to the areas of your body that are feeling particularly stressed. We’ve spent plenty of time perfecting the massage environment so that you know for sure that you can expect to feel well looked after.

Advice worth listening to

Just as important as the treatment itself is receiving aftercare from a knowledgeable and experienced massage therapist. From your initial consultation and during your massage, your therapist will be assessing the areas of tension in your body and taking note of what can be done to help you feel at your best. While an initial massage treatment will release many stubborn knots, the great advice given by our therapists will allow you to prolong the benefits.

Free consultation with every treatment

It’s common in the massage industry for treatments to be cut short. Time is often allocated to undressing and consultations which results in a you getting less time being massaged than you’ve paid for. We are different. At Deserved Massage, we allocate plenty of time so that you can have a full consultation with your therapist before the treatment so that they can find out exactly the information needed to help you best. No short-cuts. You deserve a full treatment.

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We help busy people to reduce stress, increase flexility and boost energy so they can do more, achieve more and be their best self.

Founded in 2017, Deserved Massage helped well over 1,000 people in the Glasgow locale to get more out of their bodies, minds and souls.