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A healthy dose of tension is great, but pushing yourself too far can prevent you from making progress

When you’re feeling under pressure, it can be tough to stop and take a break, especially when you’ve got people relying on you.

But this ‘never stop’ mentality is a dangerous trap! To perform at your best - both at work and at home - your mind and body need to be maintained in order to function properly.

Massage therapy is the most effective way to get back to full fitness and calm your mind. By following a custom-made treatment plan by an expert therapist, you’ll never get that ‘burnt out’ feeling again.

Common problems with stress & tension


Aching muscles

Soreness & pain are a sure sign that your body needs to recover.



Whether it’s just overthinking or trapped fluid, headaches are a real headache!


Difficulty paying attention

All sorts of problems start to occur when you can’t focus such as poor memory. 


Poor sleep

Without a good night sleep, you’ll feel drowsy all the time - reducing your ability to get good work done.


Mood swings

Simple problems can feel much bigger when you’re in a bad mental place.


Poor decision making

When you’re not thinking straight, it’s easy to make rash, regretable decisions.

Give every opportunity your 100%

Improve Focus

Without a brain clogged full of needless situations and scenarios, you’ll have room to think clearly and confidently

Increase Mobility

By releasing the knots and nodules that are holding you back, you’ll feel in more control of your body

More Energy

You’ll feel bountiful amounts of energy, allowing you to stay positive and get more done throughout the day

“I had a sports massage with Tara and it was fantastic. Would definitely recommend. I have been to many places and this is now at the top of my list. Tara makes you feel very comfortable and explains every step of the process. I am looking forward to booking up again!”

– Jo-Anne Livingston

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