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"My back had been killing me so I booked a treatment at Deserved Massage and 2 days later, it felt great!"

Jim McWilliams from Glasgow

Deserved Massage Studio

Noticing any of the following?

Muscle Pain

Feeling distracted by aches and pains in your muscles?


Unable to shake negative thoughts or emotions?


Is your mind constantly running through dramatic scenarios?


Are you feeling stuck trying to juggle lots of responsibilities?

Chronic Fatigue

Struggling to get a good night of sleep?

Difficulty concentrating

Having a hard time staying focused on vital tasks? 

If any of these apply to you then we recommend a massage treatment with one of our expert therapists

The reasons you are feel this way

poor posture

Improper posture

Hunching over your desk for hours at a time can cause high levels of muscle tension

stress & anxiety

Stressful lifestyle

When you get stressed, it causes your body to become rigid and less flexible

sporting injuries


Pushing your body too hard will causes it to seize up in an effort to prevent long-term damage

How we can help

check mark

Relieve your pain

Get relief from the muscle pain that's been bothering you


Increase Mobility

Feel more more flexible and in-control of your body


Let Go Of Stress

Negative thoughts will drift away and you'll feel at peace

We are one of the only massage therapy studios in Glasgow, that fulfil all of the following:

1. Experienced therapists

Knowing where to apply pressure is the difference between getting rid of pain and making you feel worse! We don’t mess around when it comes to choosing therapists. Our team have years of experience applying massage techniques and the right qualifications to back them up.

2. Convenient location

The whole point of getting a massage is to release tension. So, it makes no sense getting all worked up and travelling miles to get to one. We're in Finnieston which is right in the middle of the City Centre and the West End of Glasgow making our studio very easy to get to.

3. Relaxing environment

Some massage therapists set up their space like a doctor’s surgery, making it difficult to relax, while others opt for a dark spa-like environment where they can barely see what they are doing! Our studio was created to be clinically focused, yet still retain a relaxing quality. This balance ensures you don’t feel tense during their treatments and you get better results.

4. Free consultation time

Too often, massage therapists skip out on a proper consultation and give you a generic treatment that doesn’t help you to achieve your goals. As a result, you leave feeling like you haven’t got value for your money. We’re different. Our treatments include a full consultation allowing you the time to point out problematic areas ahead of schedule and you get the full amount of time you paid for.

We have over 500 five star reviews!

Here's a few of them...

“My back has been killing me so I booked a deep tissue massage – two days later my back felt great

Jim McWilliams

Massage client, Glasgow

“I have been to many places and this is now at the top of my list for massage in Glasgow.

Jo-Anne Livingston

Massage client, Glasgow

“As someone who has enjoyed a variation of massages throughout Glasgow, I consider Tara to have given the best massage treatment I’ve ever had. You will not want for more pressure, she gets right in there! 100% recommended and will be back.”

Kim McAskill

Massage client, Glasgow

“Honestly one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I work in a similar industry , so Ive had my fair share of massages over the years. I have a bad whiplash injury from 7 months ago , that is causing me no end of bother, and this massage has been amazing.”

Laura Kerr

Massage client, Glasgow

Best sports massage I’ve ever had! Tailored to your needs and made me feel comfortable throughout”

Nicola Gallacher

Massage client, Glasgow

“Doing a year on tour in a job that requires a massage once a week for maintenance- this is the best deep tissue massage I’ve ever had…. hands down…. the best so far out of about 50 plus different people in all parts of UK…. this place comes 1st! You must go!”

Tom Chambers

Massage client, Glasgow

One of the best massages I have ever had! Lovely atmosphere. Worked on all the problems I have been having with my shoulders. Highly recommend.” 

Adam Kashmiry

Massage client, Glasgow

“Was very pleased with the massage I received. I’d been having a bit of pain and tightness in my right shoulder. Everything was explained very clearly beforehand and I’m very happy to say my shoulder is feeling much better now!

Hamish Hepburn

Massage client, Glasgow

Our Glasgow massage therapists

Our team have helped over 4,000 people to regain composure!

Abbi Stevenson Massage Therapist

Abbi Stevenson

Massage Therapist

As a performer, Abbi knows exactly what is required to maintain balance mentally and physically to be at her best. After a treatment with Abbi, you'll feel positive and full of clarity.

Wendy Cohen Massage Therapist

Wendy Cohen

Massage Therapist

After traveling the world in pursuit of top level massage techniques, Wendy has brought back to Scotland the ability to truly get to the root cause of your issue and make positive change.

Jeannie Van der Merwe

Massage Therapist

Between Jeannie's calm, soft spoken manner and her wealth of experience in helping clients make real life transformations, you can relax knowing she has the skills to help you.

Problems we can help with

Fatigue and low energy

If you feel sluggish and tired then your body could be suffering from a clogged lymphatic drainage system.

Essentially, this means that your body's sewage processing abilities aren't functioning as efficiently as they could be and your lack of energy is the consequence.

Although most massage treatments do - in some way - stimulate the lymphatic system, they aren’t as precise as lymphatic drainage massage. By applying gentle pressure to specific areas around your body, our therapists are able to help you to increase circulation of lymphatic fluid around your body.

Click here to learn more about lymphatic drainage massage.

Muscle pain

Muscle tension is a necessity in life. You need it to move your body around. But, when that tension builds up too much and becomes stuck, it restricts your movement and causes pain.

Deep tissue massage helps to release that tension, breaking up the knots and adhesions in your muscles so that you can move more freely again.

Sports massage is very similar however the concentration of the massage is on much more acute and chronic muscle pain.

Click here to learn more about deep tissue & sports massage.

Overwhelming anxiety

When stress and anxiety levels reach a state where you feel completely overwhelmed then it's important that we take greater steps to bring you back to a balanced state.

The way we do this is with the addition of a special blend of oils specifically made to calm your mind and ease the pressure you are putting on yourself.

This is in addition to the already therapeutic benefits of massage. This will allow you to unwind and feel at ease, promoting better sleep and a more relaxed state overall.

Want to learn more about aromatherapy massage? Click here.


Headaches and migraines can be utterly debilitating, stopping you in your tracks and forcing your to lie down for a while.

An Indian head massage is perfect for helping to overcome these bouts and help you to get through these painful moments. 

Click here to learn more about Indian head massage.

The pains of pregnancy

Being pregnant is a gift. However, with it brings some challenges. One of the most apparent of these is muscle pain - particularly in the legs and lower back.

Our solution is the pregnancy massage. This is very similar to the techniques used in the Swedish and deep tissue massages. However, extra care is required on some areas of the body to ensure confirm and safety of your baby. 

Click here to learn more about pregnancy massage.

Extreme mental and physical overwhelm

When the stress becomes overwhelming both on a physical and mental level, it can leave you feeling helpless.

In order to treat both of these ailments at the same time, we add the use of smooth hot stones. Using them as an extension of our therapists hands, it allows a deeper massage to take place while applying lighter pressure levels. This is because the hot stones will warm your muscle up.

Meanwhile, the extra heat you feel will keep you in the present moment. This meditation-like experience will allow your mind to find quietness again.

Click here to learn more about hot stone massage.

Mental stress

Stress in small doses is natural. However, when layers upon layers of issues start to develop, it's easy to start feeling overwhelmed and anxious. This can seep into other areas of your life too such as your career, your relationships and of course, your physical health.

Our solution to mental stress is a relaxing massage technique called Swedish massage. It's light in pressure and is a great way help your mind calm down.

If you'd like to read a little more about Swedish massage, click here.

How to get started


Book appointment

Choose a treatment time that suits your schedule


Get consultation

Discuss what you'd like to achieve with your massage therapist


Enjoy your massage

Lie down and relax while your therapist massages you

Deserved Massage Glasgow

First Floor, The Hive, 1069 Argyle Street, Finnieston, Glasgow, G3 8LZ

On the same side of the road as Tescos, just opposite Lebowskis, into the newly renovated railway building ‘The Hive’ entering the door on the right side of the building.

Got Questions?

Here's a quick FAQ for anyone new to massage therapy

Is massage therapy sore?

It really depends on which type of massage treatment you book. If you’re in for any kind of relaxation based treatment then you will have no pain at all.

However, if you’re booked in for a deep-tissue massage or a sports session then the focus of the session will be to break down knots and nodules which can be a little uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, it’s hard to avoid pain when it comes to stubborn muscle tension. With that in mind, our experienced massage therapists will do everything they can to help you feel at ease.

What should I wear?

Sometimes, people get confused about what to wear before a massage treatment, what they should bring along with them and even how they should be covered up during. And, as a result of this confusion, many people put off getting a treatment because they don’t want to feel any kind of discomfort. Rest assured though, it’s much simpler than you think!

All you need to bring along is yourself in comfortable clothing. That’s it! When you’re receiving your treatment, you just keep your pants on and cover yourself with the towels provided and you’ll be all set.

Should I talk during the treatment?

Some clients love to chat during their treatment. Others would rather lie down and just listen to music. There is no right or wrong answer.

Our therapists will gauge how you’re feeling and adjust how much they talk to you accordingly.

Can I fall asleep during the session?

Yes! You’ll still receive the benefits from your massage treatment even though you are asleep.

Do you accept walk-ins?

Sorry, we do not offer walk-in appointments. If you are interested in booking a massage session, click here.

How quickly will I notice results?

Right away! Although each type of massage treatment gives different results, we are confident that you will get results right away after your treatment has finished whether that is in the form of relaxation or pain relief!

How often should I get a massage?

It’s difficult to say exactly how many you need because every person is different. Some of our clients just need one session every few months, others get a treatment every week.

The best way to understand what you need is by following the expert advice of our therapists. Before and after every session, they’ll give you a clear understanding of where you’re at and help you figure out what you need to do next to achieve results going forward.

When should I avoid massage therapy?

If the following apply to you, then you should avoid booking a massage treatment: If you are sick If you’re pregnant (pre-12 weeks) If you have inflammation If you are suffering from nausea If you have bruises, wounds, rashes, or severe sunburn in areas you’d like a massage If your doctor does not recommend you receive at treatment

Do you sell gift vouchers?

How do I know when the massage has ended?

You'll notice your therapist's moves will become less firm and more relaxing. After which, they will let you know your treatment has ended and they will step out of the room for a moment, allowing you to re-dress and receive your aftercare advice.

What payment methods do you offer?

Payment is always taken prior to bookings via our website booking system.

How long should I book in for?

Most clients book in for a 60-minute massage treatment, but just because that’s the most popular doesn’t mean it’s the best option for you. Here’s a couple of things you might want to consider: 

Relaxation vs Pain Relief - some people like to lie and be pampered for 90 minutes with an aromatherapy massage - helping them to let go of any stress. However, if you just have a very specific sore point that needs released, then a 30-minute sports massage may be all you need.

Your Schedule - if you’re a busy bee, juggling studies, work or kids then it’s not always easy to fit 90-minutes into your week so you may opt for a shorter session. Alternatively though, perhaps you’ve got a week off from the chaos you’ve found some time - maybe a longer session will be just the ticket for you?!

Budget - although all our treatments have been priced for people to afford them, we understand that you may not have the money for a longer session. In which case, you can choose a shorter treatment and still get some of the benefit.

We recommend that you avoid holding out and buying one longer session, but opt in for more shorter treatments so that you don’t build up tension over time.

What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policy is that you must give 24-hours notice before your treatment to cancel. If you book a space with one of our therapists and do not show up to your appointment, it's kind of like being asked to come into work and being told to go home unpaid which is unfair. Therefore, we do not accept last minute cancellations (we will not refund or re-schedule your booking). If you cannot make your appointment, and wish to gift your time to a friend then we are willing to accommodate this.

Please note that this policy includes COVID related cancellations.

Got any questions?

Send us a message and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.