Indian Head Massage in Glasgow

Indian Head Massage Glasgow

By massaging the head, neck and shoulders it helps to let go of negative thoughts.

What is an Indian Head massage?

Indian head massage has been practiced for thousands of years as a way to calm the mind. Now, we’ve brought this ancient technique to our studio in Glasgow. By massaging the head, neck and shoulders, our therapists are able to take your mind away from the many busy thoughts that may be affecting you, allowing you to concentrate on what really matters!

Fun fact about Indian Head massage

When we’re stressed, the scalp can tense and tighten up, restricting blood flow to the area. Regular Indian Head Massage can help by stimulating the blood flow to the follicles to loosen the area up, which in turn delivers the nourishing nutrients needed to encourage healthy hair growth and to promote strong and shiny hair.

why choose Deserved Massage?

Experienced Therapists

Although just about anyone can do a relatively acceptable massage (in fact, we actually encourage you to massage your friends), the truth is that learning the theory of where to massage counts. Instead of just massaging an area generally with the same movement, our therapists are able to utilise all of the different motions available in Indian head massage to help you properly get rid of the tension and relax at the same time.

Relaxing Environment

There tends to be two types of massage therapy space. First, there's the super relaxing spa environment where it's all petals and no lights meaning the therapist can't see what they're doing. Then, there's the second which just out and out looks like a doctor's clinic which means you can't relax. We have done our utmost to make sure our space for Indian head massage treatments in Glasgow blends the best parts of these together, giving you a relaxing space where our therapist can also see what they're doing!

Consultation Time Included

Another gripe that some people have with massage treatments is that they pay for an hour treatment and then they only get 45 minutes or so after taking into account for changing and consultation time. We thought that was unfair and therefore make sure that, as long as you arrive on time, you get the full amount of treatment time you pay for.

Conveniently Located

Lastly, our studio is located in Finniestion which is slap bang in the middle of the West End and City Centre of Glasgow which makes it easy for you to get to.

our reviews

"Excellent massage tailored to your needs"

- Paul, Indian Head Massage Client

"I came in with a stiff, painful neck and by the time I left it was gone. I felt completely relaxed throughout (and for ages afterwards). Amazing! Thank you."

- Emma, Indian Head Massage Client

"Amazing massage! Definitely will come back!!"

- Sarah, Indian Head Massage Client

"Excellent service, very welcoming, took time to explain everything + excellent treatment with some novel elements eg feathers, eye mask + therapist clearly experienced in a number of therapies and able to tailor the treatment to individual needs"

- Rebekah, Hot Stone Massage Client

"Great treatment"

- Paul, Indian Head Massage Client