Had enough of stressful thoughts?

We can help you get rid of them…

How has anxiety & stress been affecting you?


Keeping you awake at night?


Making poor decisions?


Damaging relationships?


Feeling lost and misguided?


Struggling to concentrate?


Feeling emotional and reactive?

An Indian head massage can help you overcome these!

Feeling Overwhelmed Isn’t Fun!

We’ve all been there…

You’ve got a to-do list so long that it would give even Santa a heart attack and it feels like there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done.

Panic sets in with a sprinkle of discouragement:

“It’s going to be impossible to get through today”

You’re feeling off-balance; creativity isn’t flowing and lady luck is not on your side.

That feeling sure ain’t fun… 

Target Pain

Calm Your mind

By allowing yourself to let got of the reins of life for a little while, you’ll feel less need to be in control all of the time

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Release Head Tension

By focusing on the neck and head tension, you’ll leave your massage treatment feeling much lighter and less stiff

Increase Energy

Feel Focused Again

With a clear mind, you’ll have more room in your brain to focus on the people and tasks that matter

What Does Indian Head Massage Involve?

An ancient therapeutic treatment that has been existence for thousands of years, Indian Head Massage (also known as “Champiassage”) is a part of everyday family life in India, with the tradition of massaging other family members being passed down through the generations.  

Brought into Western civilisation in around the 1970s, it predominantly focuses on the areas of the body where stress hits the hardest, including the neck, face, scalp, upper arms and shoulders. This massage has become increasingly popular for spa treatments throughout the UK and is characterised by a utilising an assortment of techniques and pressure, from deep tissue massage of the shoulders, to a soothing circular massage of the head.  

Typically lasting between 25-45 minutes, the treatment emphasises the connection between the body, mind and spirit – using a variety of fragrant oils to enhance the experience and leave you feeling levels of relaxation like no other.

The Benefits of Indian Head Massage

Aside from the renowned relaxation that this treatment brings, there are a variety of other benefits to receiving an Indian head massage.  

Physically, it will help reduce those pains, aches and tension that build up in your back, neck and shoulders. Mentally, the relaxed state that is brought upon after this treatment has been said to improve concentration at work, as well as reducing anxiety.  

Further, by stimulating the flow of oxygen and blood to the upper body, Indian head massages have the potential to improve sleep, relieve stress and clear your sinuses.

Depending on the oils used during the treatment, some may even improve the growth of your hair!  So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re feeling sore, a little run down, or have worries in your life; this treatment can cater to all of these needs – and more!

Your Massage Specialist

Tara, Indian Head Massage Specialist in Glasgow

Tara McAllister

With over 20 years experience in massage therapy, Tara is undoubtedly one of the most experienced therapists in Glasgow. She has treated a huge range of clients from cage fighters to actors, helping them to get focused again!

Why Choose Deserved Massage?

With thousands of happy clients and an incredible bunch of therapists at Deserved Massage, we’re confident you’ll feel great after your Indian head massage.

Our relaxation treatment room is cosy and filled with soothing aromas that will help ease your mind.

Additionally, you’ll notice that, you won’t feel rushed in or out of your treatment because we allocate plenty of consultation time to your session.

How Much Does It Cost?

How much is a lack of focus costing you in your life?

How often are you distracted from your routine?

How many bad decisions have come up in the past few days that you wish you’d thought through?

How important is it to you that you finally get calm again?

Your Investment

Just £45

Includes full consultation