Indian Head Massage in Glasgow

Relieve anxiety, stress and get a more focused mind

An Indian Head Massage focuses on your head, neck and shoulders

Take the weight off your mind

Indian head massages are the perfect option for busy people who can’t stop thinking.

Pressure points that trigger relaxation

Our therapists have an expert knowledge of the key pressure points in your body that when triggered, will give you the feeling of complete relaxation.

Headaches relief

By releasing tense spots and blockages in your head, you’ll feel the relieve from the symptoms of a sore head.

Ease the tension in your head, neck and shoulders

Ease the tension in your head, neck and shoulders

Ever feel overwhelmed? Too many things going on in your life that you wish that the world could just be put on pause for a moment? If so, an Indian head massage is the perfect treatment for you

✔ Light treatment ✔ Feels great
✔ Calms your mind ✔ Focus on what matters most
✔ Reduces anxiety ✔ Improves happiness

How Our Clients Feel After Their Treatments

It’s simple. We’ve ranked for and tackled some of the hardest keywords on Google ourselves. Who says we can’t do that for.

Janice knows exactly which body parts to work on , i always feel amazing after my treatmen


A wonderful massage, my therapist was really friendly and listened to my needs


Janice is a God send! By the time I got off the massage table I was relaxed and a bit spaced out if I’m honest!


Therapists you can trust

Indian head massage is all about easing anxiety and reducing stress. That’s why it’s vital that your therapist is an expert. At Deserved Massage, you can rest assured that all of our therapists have had years of experience in practice.

A warm, comfortable treatment room

We’ve made sure that your experience is completely catered for. You’ll be welcomed into a warm, welcoming massage studio so that you can relax straight away.

Aftercare worth listening to

To prolong the feeling of relaxation, your massage therapist will provide you with a complimentary aftercare service.

Free consultation with your treatment

Every treatment at Deserved Massage begins with a chat with your massage therapist (free of charge) where you can discuss your needs.