Hot Stone Massage in Glasgow

Hot Stone Massage Glasgow

Heated stones are used to relax the muscles and massage deeper layers.

Do you battle both stress and muscle pain on a daily basis?

Feel like you're caught in a loop where pain causes you stress and stress causes you to feel tense?

Getting out of that cycle isn't easy.

Even if you have a thorough deep tissue massage to loosen up the muscle tension, when the stress comes back again, it can feel like you're right back to square one.

And that is where hot stone massage therapy comes in.

What is a Hot Stone massage?

Hot stone massage takes the best parts of deep tissue massage and relaxing treatments and combines them together to help you get relief and relaxation at the same time.

By heating smooth basalt stones and using them as an extension of their hand, our therapists use them to warm up your muscles and help them to become more responsive to treatment.

Although the stones are hot to touch, they're not unbearably so.

The temperature is just enough to help you take your mind away from your troubles and stay present in the here and now.

What Are The Benefits?

Heat Warms Up The Muscles

The main benefit of hot stone massages relative to other techniques is the added temperature. By warming up your muscles, it helps your therapist to work on deeper muscle layers and therefore provide you with greater relief.

Hot Stones Stop You Thinking

Although a standard massage is great for helping you to relax, many of our clients note that the added temperature from the stones against their skins helps them to distance themselves from negative thoughts and stay focused on the present.

Increases Mobility

By releasing the muscle tension in your body, you'll immediately notice an improvement in your ability to move your body.

Fun fact about Hot Stones

The flat, smooth stones used during your treatment aren't just any old pebbles! They're actually made out of a special polished basalt which is a type of volcanic rock.

why choose Deserved Massage?

Experienced Therapists

In order to use hot stones effectively in massage therapy, you need both an understanding of how they work and plenty of experience in their use. Our therapists can offer exactly that allowing you to rest at ease during your treatment.

Relaxing Environment

There tends to be two types of massage therapy space. First, there's the super relaxing spa environment where it's all petals and no lights meaning the therapist can't see what they're doing. Then, there's the second which just out and out looks like a doctor's clinic which means you can't relax. We have done our utmost to make sure our space for hot stone massage treatments in Glasgow blends the best parts of these together, giving you a relaxing space where our therapist can also see what they're doing!

Consultation Time Included

Another gripe that some people have with massage treatments is that they pay for an hour treatment and then they only get 45 minutes or so after taking into account for changing and consultation time. We thought that was unfair and therefore make sure that, as long as you arrive on time, you get the full amount of treatment time you pay for.

Conveniently Located

Lastly, our studio is located in Finniestion which is slap bang in the middle of the West End and City Centre of Glasgow which makes it easy for you to get to.

our reviews

"Clean and cozy ambience, heavenly music and fabulous Tara who is strong and expertly 'iron' out all the kinks in my problem areas. Tried a couple of massage in town but nothing beats Deserved Massage - best place for real massage!"

- Florence, Hot Stone Massage Client

"Tara was wonderful!! I had some specific pains in my back and she gave me a relaxing massage that also managed to focus on those areas. She was very professional and friendly throughout and the room was lovely! Could not recommend enough 😊"

- Ruth, Hot Stone Massage Client

"Had a lovely massage to relieve tension in my upper back and neck. I can highly recommend coming here and will do so again in the future."

- Joe, Hot Stone Massage Client

"Wonderfully relaxing. I didn't want my hot stone massage to end! I've already recommended Deserved Massage to a friend"

- Chloe, Hot Stone Massage Client

"Lovely hot stone massage at Deserved Massage. The people were lovely and very communicative. Would go back again!"

- Jane, Swedish Massage Client

"One of the best massages I’ve had. I felt amazing and will return. The combination of Swedish massage and deep tissue was truly amazing. Two days later and I feel the real benefits and more relaxed. I’ve already recommended to friends."

- Hugh, Hot Stone Massage Client

"Tara is absolutely fantastic! One of the best massages I’ve had in Glasgow (I’ve had a few!). The whole package is excellent, and she is more than happy to tailor differing techniques to the individual client - a real star!"

- Lesley, Hot Stone Massage Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Hot Stones Hurt?

No, the hot stones are nice and smooth and massage oil will be applied so you want feel any friction. Additionally, also though the stones will be hot, our therapists always give them a quick test before placing them on you. stone therapy involves the use of smooth, heated stones. Your therapist will place these hot stones on specific points on your body and will also use them whilst giving a massage. The heat and weight of the stones on localised areas help to warm and relax the muscles. This allows them to access deeper layers without causing you to feel uncomfortable.

Should I talk during the treatment?

Some clients love to chat during their treatment. Others would rather lie down and just listen to music. There is no right or wrong answer.

Our therapists will gauge how you’re feeling and adjust how much they talk to you accordingly.

Can I fall asleep during the session?

Yes! You’ll still receive the benefits from your massage treatment even though you are asleep.

How often should I get a massage?

It’s difficult to say exactly how many you need because every person is different. Some of our clients just need one session every few months, others get a treatment every week.

The best way to understand what you need is by following the expert advice of our therapists. Before and after every session, they’ll give you a clear understanding of where you’re at and help you figure out what you need to do next to achieve results going forward.

When should I avoid massage therapy?

If the following apply to you, then you should avoid booking a massage treatment: If you are sick If you’re pregnant (pre-12 weeks) If you have inflammation If you are suffering from nausea If you have bruises, wounds, rashes, or severe sunburn in areas you’d like a massage If your doctor does not recommend you receive at treatment

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