Our Mission

We only get a limited time to exist (in the form that we know anyway). That means that while we’re here, we may as well maximise the joy that we can experience by spending time doing the things that we love with the people we care about. But, unfortunately it’s not always as easy as that. Sometimes, you need to go out there into the big bad world and expel your energy to gather resources. Most of the time those activities require some level of strain: mental, physical and quite often emotional too.

If we treat ourselves right by eating healthy foods, exercising a reasonable amount, stretching ourselves daily, meditating and getting a good night of sleep then that tension we work up dissipates. There's a problem though. How often do we do all of these things? How often do we forget about taking care of ourselves and allow the tension from the working day to stay within our bodies and minds and hearts?

If you’re like most people the answer is: too often. And, let’s go further. How often do we push ourselves too hard by working longer and sleeping less than we need to? How often do we let grumpy people dump their problems onto us and make us tense up even more? Too often. So, that’s the problem we’re dealing with here. It’s a big one that’s for sure. How do we solve it then?

How do we untangle the web of tension that’s engulfed us, preventing us from feeling joyous, stopping us from sharing our gifts with the world and experiencing the joy we deserve?

Well, the answer is surprisingly simple. We let go of the tension.

Now, for anyone who is reading this who can’t concentrate because of muscle pain... OR for anyone who is reading this who has just had some big news and is feeling emotional... OR for anyone who is stuck in their head trying to break past creative blocks... Telling you to just “let go” doesn’t really cut it. Does it? And that is where massage comes in.

Massage has been practiced for thousands of years for good reason; it helps people to relax and let go of the stress and trauma they’ve worked up throughout the day.

Massage is extremely helpful in assisting you to let go of tension and effectively reset your body back to a more relaxed state where it can feel joyous again. And, when you’re in a happy state you’ll treat other people around you better. They’ll feel the good vibes and through osmosis, they may even let go a little bit and spread the love themselves in a wonderful compounding effect.

So, that’s why massage therapy is important. The reason we do it is we believe that a more relaxed world full of joyous people is a little bit more fun to live and work in and we are doing our bit to make it / keep it that way.

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