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sore back, neck or shoulders?

We can help you relieve pain and increase flexibility in the next 7 days WITHOUT making you stress about money
Satisfaction Guaranteed

Deep Tissue Massage in Glasgow

A specialist massage technique focused on helping you get relief from pain and discomfort

Deep Tissue Massage Glasgow

Increase your flexibility and mobility

Helps the body remove proteins and waste products from the affected area and reduce the swelling.

Release painful tension

Pressing firmly on your eyebrows can help relieve the pressure in your sinus cavity, bringing instant relief.

Lower heart rate and blood pressure

Getting rid of the tension in your body has more benefits than you think.  When you don’t feel so tight all the time, you’re heart rate and blood pressure will come down.
Improve Your Body's Circulation

Say no to discomfort and tension

When you feel like you just can’t sit still and discomfort is on the edge of becoming a pain in the neck, then it’s time that you check in for a deep tissue massage to get the relief you need.

What to expect:

 Deeper  pressure
 Lowers blood pressure
 Speeds up recovery

Reviews from deep tissue massage clients

We love helping people to feel better about themselves.
I have a few joint issues and a recent injury, so was a little concerned, about a deep-tissue massage, but Tara put me at ease immediately. She’s clearly very experienced and I felt less sore and more relaxed than I have in months when I left. Mallory O'Donoghue

Honestly one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I work in a similar industry, so I’ve had my fair share of massages over the years.
I have a bad whiplash injury from 7 months ago and this massage has been amazing Laura Kerr

As something who has enjoyed a variation of massage throughout Glasgow, I consider Tara to have given the best deep-tissue massage I’ve ever had. You will not want for more pressure, she gets right in there! Kim MacAskill

Therapists you can trust

There is a fine line between providing the relief that your body needs in the right spots and getting it too light / providing too much pressure. The difference between a good and a great massage comes through years of experience in treating clients and seeing the results in front of your eyes. While the level of pressure is vital, it also needs to be in the right place. Our therapists are confident in their ability to identify and apply the right level of pressure to release the tight areas that are causing you bother.

A warm, comfortable treatment room

We found that many massage studios felt a little too clinical for our liking - they lacked the feeling of comfortability that allow you to relax when getting a treatment.

We’ve crafted your massage experience to feel warm and cosy, yet professional so that you get that indulgent feeling while releasing the areas of tightness in your body.

Aftercare worth listening to

Just as important as the massage itself is that you treat your body right afterwards. Our therapists are trained to give expert advice post-treatment so that you can prolong the benefits for as long as possible.

Free consultation with every treatment

Often, massage therapists spend a lot of time doing a consultation with clients to gather as much information to help them do the best job possible, but they let that time eat into the treatment that you’ve paid for.

At Deserved Massage, every treatment comes with plenty of time to discuss the areas of focus and your goal from the treatment so you’re not watching the clock.