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Deep Tissue & Sports Massage in Glasgow

Is Muscle Pain Driving You Mad? 

Are you you constantly adjusting the way you sit, stand or lie to get comfortable, but to no avail? Is it distracting you from concentrating on meaningful work, precious sleep and causing you to feel worn out? You're not alone.

You're among the millions of people who struggle through the day, forfeiting their potential to an ailment that can be easily dealt with in less than 60 minutes through massage therapy.

Wholeheartedly, we admit that massage treatments are a temporary solution to your muscle aches.

In order to get lasting relief, you need to alter your lifestyle choices. Things like: your posture, the amount of exercise you do and even your diet have an impact on muscular tension levels.

However, those changes take time and if you're currently struggling throughout the day then making a massive shift in the way you live your life is quite the mountain to climb. But, as the Chinese proverb goes: "A thousand miles begins with a single step".

To us, massage therapy is that step, helping you to relieve the pain, regain focus and direct your energy towards the positive areas. After helping over 3,000 clients to alleviate their pain and set them on the right track, we're confident that we can help you to overcome it too. Although we offer a whole range of treatments at our studio in Glasgow, by far the most popular is our deep tissue and sports massages.

Why Choose A Deep Tissue Or Sports massage?

The reason most people book a deep tissue or sports massage is because, frankly, the lighter treatments we offer are less effective in loosening the tense muscles; they aren't firm enough.

Don't get us wrong, the relaxing treatment absolutely have their place, they are great for helping you to forget your problems but for muscle pain, deep tissue massage is what you want.

What Benefits Will I notice?

1. Increased Mobility

First of all, you'll notice an immediate improvement in your ability to move the area of your body that was tensed up. Whether it's reaching above your shoulders or just being able to walk without discomfort, you'll notice how free you feel post-massage.

2. Reduced Muscle Pain

Not only will you feel less restricted by the muscle tension, you'll also feel a significant reduction in muscular pain too meaning you can go about your daily business again without feeling distracted.

3. Feel Relaxed

A build up of muscle tension is anything but relaxing. Not only does it cause pain and discomfort, it often prevents you from getting a good night of sleep too. By finally giving your body the opportunity to rest and recover properly, you'll feel much more at ease too.

why choose Deserved Massage?

Experienced Massage Therapists

It’s one thing understanding which areas in the body need treatment and what type of movement to apply, but it’s another thing altogether having the confidence to apply these techniques. This confidence only comes through practice, something our therapists have years of experience in doing.

Comfortable Environment

Many massage therapists set up their working environment like doctor’s surgery to give an air of professionalism - which we totally get. However, they forget one crucial detail. Clients will get better results if they are relaxed. As such, we’ve made sure our therapy rooms are booth relaxing and clinically sound.

Consultation Time Included

Do you think it’s fair to pay for an hour of treatment and only receive 45 minutes? Neither do we. For every treatment at Deserved Massage, we make sure that you get the full amount of time that you pay for. We do this by adding extra padding time for undressing / redressing and consultation. That way, you won’t feel any need to watch the clock.

Conveniently Located

The whole point of getting a massage treatment is to release tension, so it makes no sense getting all worked up about travelling to get one. Located in Finnieston, between the City Centre & West End of Glasgow, our studio is extremely easy to get to from all parts of the city.

our reviews

“Really pleased with my massage, the venue was easy to find and great ambience. The staff were highly attentive, pleasant and answered patiently all my questions. The massage was in itself great, felt great after that. Very knowledgeable and knows what they are doing. A good understanding of the body and my problem and did a great job and suggested the things to do after too. Highly recommend it.

- Vidhya

BEST DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE EVER Phenomenal relief after my massage with Tara it was just what I needed and can’t wait to go back to have other muscles worked on. She focussed on my back neck and shoulder and for the first time in weeks I felt like I could stand straight. It was sore but a good sore.”

- Catherine

"Fantastic as always, so pleased to be able to go back and see Tara after such a long period of lockdown. I feel so much better already after one session."

- Scott

"I booked into my massage super last minute but Deserved Massage still catered to my needs amazingly. I weight train, run etc regularly and have been aware of my problem areas for some time but my masseuse instantly targeted my sore spots, was super welcoming and left me feeling in good hands! Would definitely recommend."

- Will

"It was fantastic. Would definitely recommend. I have been to many places and this is now at the top of my list. Tara makes you feel very comfortable and explains every step of the process. I am looking forward to booking up again!"

- Jo-Anne

“First massage and really pleased. The massage itself was excellent and they described what was happening throughout, showing knowledge and understanding of the body and its muscles.” 

- Scott

"Very impressed with the massage, the facilities were fantastic and I will definitely recommend to my friends and hope to be back."

- Leeanne

"Edward clearly knows what he's doing! He's a fully-fledged physiotherapist and massage therapist and it definitely shows. He made a full assessment first and the massage was amazing, really did loosen my muscles but didn't hurt as much as others while achieving the same or even better results. Directly booked the next treatment to get rid of my lockdown back ache."

- Stefanie

"Jordan was well informed and guided me through the session with ease and a positive demeanor. Will absolutely be back. Felt the benefits even during the session."

- Matthew

"Highly recommend, I've been here twice to see Tara and have to say what a great experience it's been. Went in for a deep tissue massage for my back, the massage was excellent and felt so much better after it. Tara also gave me great advice to continue to help with the tightness in my back."

- Fred

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