Deep tissue massage glasgow

Deep Tissue Massage in Glasgow

Muscles aching? Feel like you need a week in bed? Maybe you actually need a deep tissue massage.

This form is specifically for muscular tension, and it doesn’t just help pro athletes. Read on to understand how deep tissue massage helps with aches and pains.

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What deep tissue massage can help you with: 


Sore Back, Neck or Shoulders?


Feeling Stressed-Out?


Got A Headache?


Having Trouble Sleeping?


Overwhelmed With Work?


Need To Rest & Recover?

What Causes All That Tension?

Quite honestly, life!

Every time your body moves, a muscle tightens up to lift you or the weight that you’re carrying.

Once you’ve completed the task you set out, the muscle relaxes and the tightness goes away.

BUT, there’s a problem.

Many people just don’t stop to rest.

Without an adequate recovery time, the tension stays in the body and eventually builds up so much that it forms a big clump of muscle, also known as a ‘knot’.

The reason you feel achey and sore all the time is that the knots restricts your range of movement.

When you try to move, the knot gets in the way and the pain emerges!

We’ve noted down some of the most common situations where people over-exert themselves…


Have you noticed the huge increase in the number of people who work at computers lately?

It’s great being so connected to the world, but it does absolutely no favours for your posture!

When you hunch over your desk with your shoulders all tensed up as you type away at your emails, it is the equivalent of doing a prolonged exercise for hours on end.

Your muscles start to adjust to the position your sitting and eventually build up one of those nasty knots we talked about earlier.

Soon, you start adjusting your seating position, trying to make yourself comfortable and hoping it’s the chair and not you.

Alas, you play musical chairs with a colleague but the tension continues!

Focusing on simple tasks becomes a nightmare and you stretch in your seat every 20 minutes.

To make out like there’s nothing wrong, you fake a yawn every now and again and soon enough, your co-workers have secretly given you the moniker ‘the office yawner’.

If that sounds like you, worry no more.

Deep tissue massage will soon be your new best friend.

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Overzealous Gym Routines

Taking good care of yourself involves regular exercise.

What is life without a little bit of heavy lifting eh?

But just as you start to enjoy the ol’ gym routine, there’s snag.

“Hmm, that’s a bit sore”.

But, you let it slide.

The training continues, but there it is again, nagging away and stopping you from pushing your body to the max.

This isn’t what you signed up for!

The truth is that there’s a good chance you’ve overworked yourself at the gym and your muscles have tensed up as an emergency protection mechanism.

Luckily, this can all be smoothed out with a massage and you can get back to pumping iron!

The Wee Ones!

Those little rascals grow up quickly.

Once upon a time they were barely the size of your palm.

But now, they need a bit more of a heave when they’re hitching a ride on the mummy-or-daddy mobile.

And, while it’s a joy to lift them up, it’s kind of like doing an extended workout!

So, while it might be a nice excuse to skip the odd gym session in exchange for a ‘spaceship ride to the moon’, it will eventually lead to a build up of tension, particularly in the back and shoulders.


A deep tissue massage will sort you right out by releasing the tension and get you back to having fun again.

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What Are The Benefits Of Deep Tissue Massage?

Rids You Of Awful Aches

Being in pain doesn’t feel good. It’s a natural instinct to want to avoid it!

Who hasn’t seen a little kid crying after they’ve stubbed their toe?

But so many people have grown up and just started accepting that sore muscles are part of life.

“Oops, that’s my back playing up again”.

When did it suddenly be okay to have pain in your body?

Maybe it didn’t happen all of a sudden.

Maybe, acceptance of pain is more of a gradual thing where it starts with just a tiny insignificant pinch?

Nevertheless, it’s surely time to re-think pain and soreness.

If something hurts, it’s a clear signal to your brain that something isn’t functioning correctly and remedial action needs to be taken.

And, surprise!

That’s exactly what deep tissue massage does (bet you didn’t see that one coming)

Get rid of aching muscles
Increase your mobility

Gives You Back Your Mobility

Alright, let’s talk about movement for a second.

We all ask different things of our bodies.

Some people need to do crazy things like…

Triple twirling figure skaters gearing up for their jumps.

Powerlifters blasting their personal best on the squat racks.

Rugby players dashing for the try! 

But for the rest of us, sometimes simple tasks are just too much to ask.

If you’ve ever tried to lift up your arm to reach the shampoo in the shower after a grueling day at the office, you know what we’re on about.

Basically, when you start to get hassled by Head & Shoulders in the shower, then you know it’s time to get help.

By releasing the knots in your body that prevent normal movement, a deep tissue massage will allow you to get back to your normal activities again.

Whatever they may be!

Breaks The Tension-Stress Cycle

It’s easy to get into a bit of a funk with yourself.

When you start feeling anxious about something, you might tense up your shoulders a little bit.

Soon, that leads to a bit of knotting which leads to some aches and pains.

Once that’s triggered, you get frustrated about the soreness.

…and the cycle goes round and round until you’re feeling like you’re cocooned in layer upon layer of tension and anxiety.

The simplest thing you can do to get out of that downward spiral is to treat yourself to a massage.

Reason being that it works to fight both the tension and the anxiety.

The knots get released, you clear your mind and the world is normal again.

Break the stress cycle

Is Deep Tissue Massage Sore?

Alright, the big question. Is it sore?

Honestly, it depends on the person.

Some people bruise like a peach and need a gentle treatment and others like the sensation of a deep, deep massage session.

If you think about it though, a deep tissue massage is applying pressure to tight areas of your body with the intention of releasing that tightness.

Knots are literally being undone, so it’s fair to expect a little bit of soreness along the way.

With all that being said, it’s important to let your massage therapist know about your tolerance levels for pressure.

By letting your massage therapist know before and during the session how you’re finding it, they’ll add or reduce the intensity for you.

You want to come out of the session feeling light and free from tension, not like you’ve been hit by a bus!


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