How you’ll feel after a deep tissue massage treatment

Massage Glasgow

Thr most common type of treatment we provide at Deserved Massage is deep tissue massage. The reason is obvious, muscle tension is something that is unavoidable in our lives. Whether we are lifting heavy objects or carrying emotional stress on our shoulders, tension always seems to find its way into our bodies. Through a firm massage treatment, that tension can get ironed out and make you feel more normal again. However, right after you’ve received a massage treatment, you won’t be ready to jump around and go bananas. In fact, you’ll be surprised to find out that massages are actually incredibly relaxing and after you’ve received one, you will likely feel drowsy for the next few hours. You’ll feel a little dehydrated and want to drink lots of water. And, you’ll want to have a good nap before you do anything strenuous – mentally, physically or emotionally.