Sports Massage in Glasgow

Relieve painful tension and get back to your personal best

An expert sports massage will reduce soreness and speed up recovery.

Relieve painful muscular tension

It’s normal to feel soreness if you’ve been working hard at the gym, but when it becomes unbearable – that’s where we come in to help.

Increase mobility and flexibility

When you are feeling so stiff that simple rotations feel painful for a prolonged period, then it is time to get help.

Prevent future injuries

By releasing the build up tension in your body, it will help reduce the risk of injuries – saving you a massive headache down the road.

Improve Your Body's Circulation

Recover More Quickly

Any dedicated sportman/woman will know that the best way to grow is to put pressure on your body – to tear your muscles so that their body can rebuild in a way that is stronger. The problem that many people face is that they want to continue to push their body to grow without allowing it enough recovery time. With a regular sports massage, you can significantly speed up your recovery time and get back to action!
✔ Extreme pressure ✔ Recover faster
✔ Ease pain ✔ Feel energised
✔ Increase mobility ✔ Get rid of stiffness

How Our Clients Feel After Their Sports Massage Treatments

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Delighted with the sports massage – exactly what I was looking for and expertly applied by Tara. David Wisniowski

Amazing thorough sports massage with Tara – really feeling the benefit this week Fiona O'Regan

Very experienced and I felt less sore and more relaxed than I have in months when I left. Kerry Adam

Therapists you can trust

When it comes to sports massage, most peoples’ expectations are a little higher. That’s because you’re expecting to see an immediate benefit from your treatment (typically a reduction in stiffness and pain). Few massage therapists have the experience and confidence to give you the pressure you need in the exact spots that are causing you issues. At Deserved Massage, our sports massage specialist has over 17 years experince and thousands of satisfied clients. That way you know for sure that she can give you the relief you need.

A warm, comfortable studio

Getting the right balance between a warm, cosy environment for a massage treatment and a clinical setting is rare, but we think we’ve cracked it.

Our treatment room is relaxing, yet practical as it allows our massage therapists the ability to navigate around the room with ease and access the stubborn areas that you need that little bit extra pressure.

Aftercare worth listening to

We can’t emphasise enough the importance of receiving a thorough aftercare following your massage. By following your therapist’s advice it will significantly prolong the effects of your massage. Plus, if you’ve got any questions then this is a great time to ask what you should and shouldn’t do too.

Free consultation with every treatment

We believe that if you pay for an hour massage, then that’s exactly how long you should get. We won’t ever cut short your treatment for change or clean-up time.

Plus – we’ll give you plenty of time to discuss any areas you feel need a bit of extra attention.