How Massage Therapy Helps To Relieves Stress & Anxiety


Ever felt overwhelmed by stress? You know where every little thing that shouldn’t be a problem, suddenly becomes massive and even the smallest of tasks is an absolute battle?

We’ve all had those moments. In fact, it’s entirely natural for your body to feel periods of stress in your life.

If you weren’t put through a period of stress at some point in your life – how would your body even know what is stress is?

My point is, stress exists for everyone whether we choose to accept it or not.

Now, the real issue is when stress becomes overwhelming.

You know those times where you can’t think straight? Everything becomes a chore and you’re totally overwhelmed. Yeah, those times.

Where Stress Comes From

life events / changes to circumstance

juggling too many tasks

Pain Cycle

How Massage Helps Overcome It

Relieves tension – breaking the pain-stress cycle

Calms your mind

Best Massages For Stress Relief

Swedish massage

Aromatherapy massage

Indian Head Massage