The 3 Major Signals It’s Time For A Massage Treatment


Massage therapy is a treat, isn’t it? That’s what most people say anyway.

Something you get maybe once a year?

And, for once, you get time dedicated entirely to you where you are left feeling relaxed, a bit sleepy and most importantly de-stressed.

But, sometimes an annual treat just isn’t enough.

Sometimes, you NEED a massage to help you get through the day.

Like when… 

You Need Mental Clarity

Got a big day ahead of you?

It might be a heated discussion with a team member, maybe you have a job interview or you might need to perform on-stage.

When you’ve got a million thoughts running through your head, it can be pretty tricky grasping onto the ones that are important.

Massage therapy can help you get rid of all of those unwanted thoughts and get focused on the task at hand so that you can make an amazing impression!

or when…

Tension Is Restricting Your Movement

Whether you’re a dedicated gym fanatic or just an average Joe who gets cramps after sitting at your desk all day long… that feeling you get when you can’t move your body in the way you want to.

It’s brutal; sharp, regular and painful.

While regularly adjusting your posture might disguise the problem for maybe 5 minutes, it comes back with a vengeance like Bruce Willis from Die Hard!

So, if you’ve had enough of Bruce giving you a pain in the neck and you just want to get back to working out at the gym or at your desk then a deep tissue massage will do you wonders.



You’re Bubbling Up With Emotions

We’ve all been there; life is hitting you hard and pulling on those damn heartstrings of yours.

If you stop for a moment to sigh, then there’s a good chance that your tear ducts may open up and the watergates will open.

All you need is someone to give you positive energy by rubbing you gently for an hour like a one-way hug where you’re just receiving happiness.

That’s where a relaxing massage has its place.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a massage recently, it’s probably your body or your mind telling you that you need to slow down and take stock.

As much as you might see it as a one-off treat, sometimes it’s essential to get you through a tough time. Fancy booking one? We can help with that.