Deserved Massage Glasgow

Release Painful Tension & feel utterly amazing!

We help people in Glasgow to get the most out of life by improving their mood, focus and flexibility using proven massage therapy treatments.

Do you feel sluggish at times?


Find it difficult to focus?


Does your body ache?


Do you want to get more done?


Do minor problems infuriate you?


Do you have trouble getting a good night sleep?


Do you feel overwhelmed by work?

Do you need an emergency massage treatment? Book Online.

Who is massage therapy for?


Gym Goers


Desk Workers




Business Owners


Movers & Shakers







If you need your mind and body to be on top form, you need massage therapy.
“This is the best massage I’ve ever had…. hands down…. out of about 50 plus different people in all parts of UK…. this place comes 1st! You must go!”
- Tom Chambers, Actor
Reset your mind

Increase your Focus

With a clear mind,  you’ll be able to focus your attention on one problem at a time
Reset your mind

Loosen up your body

Without muscular pain, you’ll feel in more flexible and in control of your body
Reset your mind

Improve your Mood

With a more peaceful mind, you’ll be in a much happier mood

“To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

- Buddha

a new way of thinking
about stress

the stress cycle
Most people don’t realise this, but stress actually helps us achieve our goals.

When we get stressed, our brains release powerful hormones that give us extra strength, more focus and better durability…

These hormones were once used by your ancestors who needed to think and act quickly to avoid being eaten by predators, but now in a world where danger is less apparent, stress often gets misunderstood, underused and under-appreciated.

What once was a tool that gave our ancient relatives incredible abilities is now little more than an annoying disturbance that prevents many people from ‘chilling out’.

We want to change that.

By embracing stress, you can change your life.

By choosing to use these natural, untapped abilities in your body, you can achieve anything that you want to achieve.

And, we’re going to help you do that.

how to be superhuman in
3 simple steps

After carefully studying some of the world’s top performers from professional athletes to entertainers to hedge fund managers, we realised that just by solving the following 3 problems, normal people were able to achieve extraordinary results in their lives...


Release Tension
If your body is full of tension, you’ll feel uncomfortable with even the simplest of tasks that you set yourself.

By releasing your knotted muscles, you’ll be back in control of your body.


Clear Your Mind
Just as a bucket full of water cannot accept anything more, a mind full of thoughts is unable to concentrate.

By clearing your mind, you’ll be able to direct your attention on tasks that require most focus.


Live In The Now
Living more presently will give you a better connection with the world around you.

This will, in turn, enhance your ability to think and improve your ability to form relationships.

How many of the following solutions have you tried in the past year only to feel more tense and less focused?


















Health Spas


Cognitive Therapy


Self-Improvement Books


Any many others

massage therapy in Glasgow

There are so many options available that tackle these problems individually…

But only massage therapy can help you solve them all at the same time.

now you can choose to feel amazing!


Live In The Moment


Give Every Challenge Your All


Feel Confident In Your Decisions

happy couple

Massage is great, but there’s a problem

Most massage therapists in Glasgow are good at helping you relax OR release tension, but cannot help you achieve both.

You would need to choose between mental clarity or releasing painful tension. There’s been no sweet spot…

Until now!

massage is great, but there is a problem

Deserved massage in Glasgow

In 2017, we set out to help Glasgow to clear their minds and get relief from painful muscular tension and since then, thousands of people have emerged from our studio feeling utterly fantastic.

Expert Massage Therapy

Our therapists know exactly where to apply pressure to relieve tension.

Relaxing massage studio

Filled with pleasant aromas and relaxing music to quiet your mind.

conveniently located

Located in Finnieston, between the City Centre & West End of Glasgow

Tailored Treatments

Each massage treatment is tailored to your needs.

Free consultation time

Unlike most studios, we give you the full amount of time you pay for.

Affordable Pricing

Can you put a price on feeling fantastic?

OVer 200 incredible reviews

Between Google, Facebook and treatwell, we’ve received over 200 5-star reviews this year! Read a few of them below…
“Doing a year on tour in a job that requires a massage once a week for maintenance- this is the best massage I’ve ever had…. hands down…. the best so far out of about 50 plus different people in all parts of UK…. this place comes 1st! You must go!” - Tom Chambers

“Really enjoyed my sports massage with Tara. I have been to quite a few different places and this was by far one of the best. This will defo be my regular place from now on and can’t wait till next time.” - Jo-Anne Livingston

“Was very pleased with the massage I received. I’d been having a bit of pain and tightness in my right shoulder. Everything was explained very clearly beforehand and I’m very happy to say my shoulder is feeling much better now!- Hamish Hepburn

“Honestly one of the best massages I’ve ever had. I work in a similar industry , so Ive had my fair share of massages over the years. I have a bad whiplash injury from 7 months ago , that is causing me no end of bother, and this massage has been amazing.” - Laura Kerr

“As something who has enjoyed a variation of massage throughout Glasgow, I consider Tara to have given the best deep-tissue massage I’ve ever had. You will not want for more pressure, she gets right in there! 100% recommended and will be back.” - Kim McAskill

One of the best massages I have ever had! Lovely atmosphere. Worked on all the problems I have been having with my shoulders. Highly recommend.” - Adam Kashmiry

Meet our team of experts

Highly trained massage therapists in Glasgow with years of experience treating people with tension.

Tara McAllister
Massage Therapist

One of Scotland’s most experienced massage therapists, Tara embodies the true spirit of massage - to help people think and feel at their best.
Tara McAllister, Massage Therapist

Robert Thomson
Massage Therapist

Robert’s background in remedial sports therapy gives him a deep understanding of the human anatomy, allowing him to pinpoint and release even the most stubborn knots.

our Glasgow massage studio

The whole point of getting a massage treatment is to release tension, so it makes no sense getting all worked up about travelling to get one. Our location in Glasgow is just a short walk from the City Centre and the West End.

First Floor, The Hive, 1061 Argyle St, Glasgow G3 8LZ

Deserved Massage is located in The Hive building in Glasgow’s Finniestion area. On the same side of the road as Tescos, just opposite Lebowskis and next to Powerhouse Fitness, walk through the car park to the newly renovated railway building ‘The Hive’ entering the door on the right side of the building.

types of massage available

We offer 6 different types of massage, but often we will combine these together to give you the maximum benefit.


Swedish massage is the core foundation for all Western-style massage.

Best for relieving light levels of tension and relaxing the mind.

Deep Tissue

Deep tissue massage treats the deeper layers of muscle tissue and requires more pressure.

Best for relieving mid-high levels of tension.


Sports massage pinpoints areas of muscular tension that are stubborn to release.

Best for relieving high levels of tension.

Hot stone

Hot stones are used in combination with other techniques for added effect.

Best for warming up muscles and uncovering deeper tension.


By adding scented oils and aromas to the massage, aromatherapy helps you relax.

Best for people with high stress levels who need more focus.


A pregnancy massage is similar to other types but avoids areas that may risk affecting your baby.

Best for pregnant ladies who are feeling tense and sore.

Indian Head

Hot stones are used in combination with other techniques for added effect.

Best for warming up muscles and uncovering deeper tension.


By adding scented oils and aromas to the massage, aromatherapy helps you relax.

Best for people with high stress levels who need more focus.

how many treatments do you need?

Every body is different.

We each put our bodies through many different trials and tribulations each day so naturally, we each have different levels of tension.

Whilst it’s difficult to say exactly how many treatments you will need, we’ve found that after a course of 6 treatments, most people feel that they feel back to their normal selves again with more flexibility, focus and less tension.

massage process

Your treatment options

Option 1:
One-off massage treatment


30-minute massage treatment

Perfect for trying out our massage treatments to see what all of the hype is about.
Price: £35

1-hour massage treatment

Perfect for emergencies such as: pre-wedding stress, before athletic performances or before going on-stage.
Price: £50

Option 2:
6-week treatment plan


Free Body Tension Analysis

Get a better understanding of where the tension is in your body and what may be the source of it so that you can alter your behavioural patterns.

(Valued at £20)


weekly 1-hour Massage treatment

A combination of massage therapies that help relax your mind and release tension that give you progressively more benefits over time.

(Valued at £300)


Specialist Massage Oil For Faster Healing To Use Between sessions

By adding in a specially made massage oil, you’ll be able to achieve better results from the treatment plan.

(Valued at £25)

Total Value: £345

Price: £250 (£95 saving)

Our money back guarantee

Following one of our treatments, if you find no benefit we will happily give you a full refund.

Just email us at 24 hours post-treatment.